What did Joe Rogan say about the homeless in Los Angeles?

The 54-year-old host of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast made controversial remarks about the homeless population in Los Angeles, California, in an episode that aired on Thursday, July 14. During a conversation with the cartoon Tom Segura on the show, Rogan seemed to downplay the killing of several homeless people.

A week after the program aired, Rogan’s remarks received a strong backlash on the Internet. On the show, Rogan advised Segura and possibly viewers to shoot the homeless.

Some of the numerous tweets criticizing Rogan’s remarks hinted that the podcaster’s sinister suggestion of shooting a vagrant would actually inspire someone. In a tweet, one person (@PlzCallMeT) commented:

“This is not freedom of speech, it is not a comical routine. It’s a disgusting podcaster that supports violence.”

The JRE podcaster has yet to respond to outrage over his remarks in the episode that sparked.

What did Joe Rogan say about the homeless population in Los Angeles?

To promote his new book, I’d Like to Play Alone, Please: Essays, Tom Segura joined Joe Rogan as a guest on the 1844th edition of the podcast. But Rogan’s words were grim when he recalled instances of homeless people blocking parts of the road with their belongings, carts and cars. According to Rogan’s memory, he saw four toilets near a homeless camp. He went on to explain how one of them partially blocked the path.

Moments later, the two joked about how they would be arrested if they tried to move a wanderer’s belongings or belongings. Then Joe Rogan shared a bold strategy to tackle the homelessness problem in Los Angeles. According to a former MMA commentator:

“But if you shoot someone, they won’t arrest you. I might have to go kill the homeless.”

Cartoonist Tom Segura praised Rogan for his suggestion of adding gasoline to the fire. He “liked” the host’s thoughts.

Internet users severely criticize Joe Rogan for his remarks about homelessness.

The broadcaster has been criticized online for last week’s podcast episode going viral. Many online users said on Twitter that Logan should be held accountable if at least one homeless person is shot.

A further tweet noted that the host’s remarks were not surprising given that the host had made numerous divisive claims on their podcasts over the years. However, a few tweets defended Rogan and even referred to his remarks as a joke.

One user said Joe Rogan couldn’t understand why it’s illegal to steal from homeless people. Again, a rich man laughing into the microphone and not understanding why the homeless have their property rights protected.

According to another user, Joe Rogan suggested that “homeless people should be killed,” which was shocking because he was the first to call them “people.”

Another said in his heinous remarks about Joe Logan’s homeless shooting that if anyone was hurt, his hands would be stained with blood.

One netizen said: “The left is outraged by Joe Logan’s rather crude joke about the homeless.” He upset his rights by mocking Trump.

Podcast host and homeless rights advocate Theo Henderson said in a statement to Variety that Logan’s views were “rejected.” He said:

“It’s annoying because it’s outdated and ignores the fact that people in the house often attack the homeless. I don’t think it’s incomprehensible for you to support trying to shoot homeless people or to give this dog whistle to people who don’t see homeless people as human beings.”

As you can see from the aforementioned Twitter response, many online users share the same idea. Whether or not Rogan will withdraw his comments is yet to be determined.

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