What did Juliette Lauren Fischer’s post claim about the role of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

New information about the actress’ participation in the DCEU surfaced after a favorable ruling in Amber Heard’s defamation trial against Johnny Depp came to light.

According to the producers of ‘Aquaman 2’, the filmmakers have decided to cut all her sequences from the film, which is set for release in March 2023. Juliette Lauren Fisher, who claims to be executive producer at Warner Bros. , announced the news through Instagram Stories. It was previously a public account, but has since been changed to private.

It is unclear whether Fisher is a real person related to the development of the film or is using a fake identity. IMDb’s cast and crew roster for ‘Aquaman 2’, dubbed ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’, still points to Amber Heard as the actress who will play Mera, who fell in love with Jason Momoa in the film.

Legal issues have forced Johnny Depp away from cherished franchises like WB’s Fantastic Beasts and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Depp’s fans were agitated about his removal from Heard’s role. The actor argued in a recently concluded trial that Heard’s allegations influenced his decision to leave the show.

What did Juliette Lauren Fischer say about Amber Heard’s involvement with Aquaman 2 in an Instagram post?

Fischer, who calls himself a WB executive, posted on Instagram that he was meeting with the studio. There they probably discussed removing Heard’s sequence from Aquaman 2. She mentioned it in her second Instagram story.

“In #Aquaman2, all scenes of Amber Heard will be completely deleted!”

Fischer said in May that Paris Hilton was the best candidate to replace Heard in a future DCEU film.

However, all these statements should be considered as a grain of salt. Developed by Warner Bros. Not verified by Discovery or a trusted insider. Juliette Lauren Fischer only has a personal Instagram account where she posts this information. She doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile to support her goals.

In his Instagram profile, Fischer is listed as Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. and Baz Luhrmann’s production company, claiming to be Executive Producer. However, as previously mentioned, there is no official path through which these claims can be verified.

Rumors that Amber Heard has been replaced by Paris Hilton are likely to be false.

Amber Heard, 36, has already revealed in court that her participation in Aquaman 2 has already been discontinued. Meanwhile, Hurd’s head Jessica Kovacevich said her role was limited in her sequel because of the lack of chemistry with Jason Momoa she co-starred in. Walter Hamada, head of DC Films, commented on how Heard was not terminated from her contract in her first time.

Meanwhile, speculation that Paris Hilton will take over Heard appears to be erroneous given that the socialite has never worked on a project this big before. Moreover, Hilton has little experience with action-packed parts like Mera. As a result, replacing Hilton’s Head seems impossible.

end of trial

The jury awarded the lead actor in ‘The Rum Diaries’ in damages of $15 million and punitive damages, but the judge ultimately reduced it to $10.35 million. His ex-wife was awarded only $2 million in compensatory damages without punitive penalties. “Regardless of the outcome, the purpose of bringing this case up was to reveal the truth from the beginning.” I owe it to my children. And everyone who supported me to tell the truth. After the legal mess was over, Depp said, “I’m relieved to know that I’ve finally done it.”

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