What did Kanye West say after facing Backlash on the anti-Semitic debate?

Kanye West has been in the headlines for a while due to his new remarks and other controversies on the Drink Champs Podcast. After huge rebates and significant business losses, Kanye West finally shouted about the situation. On Friday, October 21, Kanye answered a few questions from reporters after her daughter Northwest’s basketball game, vouching for the rebate to be what she was trying to say in the first place. “We need to discuss Jewish remarks,” he said. Many such celebrities are being bullied/bullyed behind the scenes. That’s why individuals like Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel sometimes ask individuals to avoid doing business with me.

Things have been going on for so long. They will mute you, and they will try to mute you no matter what. One of Hollywood’s most influential figures, Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel approached every organization to sever business ties with Kanye West, including Apple, Spotify and Adidas. Kanye West’s statement came after a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson leaked onto the web. In an interview, he heard him share his tragic thoughts about the Jewish people. Comparative remarks about the shop continued, provoking the talk show crew not to broadcast the interview. Finally, the rapper’s comments on the Drink Champs podcast sparked a widespread social media boycott, including severing ties with Balenciaga and many other companies.

Kanye West responds to continuing backlash amid controversy over anti-Semitic commentary

Kanye West doesn’t think he will be canceled for anti-Semitic comments despite dropping him from numerous companies. Following his eldest daughter’s basketball on Friday night, the rapper revolved around controversy surrounding Balenciaga, including severing their business relationship. I don’t lose cash. He shrugged and told TMZ. The day I took off from Balenciaga was one of my most free days. Kanye West, 45, likewise noticed that individuals were severing ties with him in order to score points, and he expected to be asked not to work with him because he tried to mute him. In any case, he will not be cancelled. we are here In any case, these supposed efforts led him to continue to support anti-Semitic statements. I need to discuss Jewish remarks. It was actually a specific remark I made, he said.

Kanye West, who recently hired Depp’s attorney to regulate the organization as a whole, better understands that his remarks were an effort to unite humanity. We all need to meet. We have to be the truth before we can get love. Otherwise, you just keep lying. He continued, “I never expected anyone to have a stage. It’s not that nobody’s nervous, it’s that we’re not nervous anymore. They can’t use all the strategies. My life is ruined because they have political views. Talking about being tampered with. Giving me the courage as a black man to wear the wrong colored hat, or a shirt that says white life matters. I’ve seen white people in Black Lives Matter Shirts, that everything is equal. It’s not fair: Kanye West is also talking about his legal rights, making it more likely that Adidas will drop him further, saying nothing will happen, Vogue also severing ties with the rapper, and Page Six only revealed on Friday.

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