What did Madonna say about Cardi B? Twitter Discord Explained

Cardi B and Madonna’s B-F rumors started on the Internet when the two were caught up in an online drama. In any case, he explained that there is no bad blood relationship between the artists. Cardi B and Madonna were constantly vocal about their views and did not hesitate to put them forward. Given this, the two seem to have different opinions and pointed out this through SNS. The drama between Cardi B and Madonna started when Frozen vocalist took her Instagram story to discuss when she was composing an as*x book. “There are pictures of her naked, despite the fact that she published a book called SEX a while ago,” she said. There were photos of men kissing men, photos of women kissing women, and photos of me kissing everyone.

Likewise, I explained my sexual fantasies and ironically shared my views on sexuality. She went on, and I spent the next few years interviewing narrow-minded people who tried to insult me ​​for empowering myself as a woman. I was called a whore, a witch, a heretic, and Satan. Cardi B can sing about WAP. Kim Kardashian can come to the front of any magazine with her and Miley Cyrus can come like her shredding ball. my joy b****es. I finished the post by adding a clown emoticon. Cardi B didn’t like Madonna’s remarks and hastily expressed her disappointment on social media.

Cardi B and Madonna explained that there was no bad blood between them.

Cardi B and Madonna set things right after Madonna made a statement that reflected the 30th anniversary of her ‘SEX’ coffee table book. A long time ago, I published a book called ‘SEX’, and Madonna posted on Instagram on Saturday that there were pictures of a man kissing a man, a woman kissing a woman, and me kissing everyone, despite the naked photos. wrote in the story. She continued to introduce the fierce criticism she received at the time of publishing her book. Now Cardi B can sing about WAP. Kim Kardashian could make the front page of any magazine with her exposed buttocks, and Miley Cyrus could appear like a ball of doom. On Sunday morning, Cardi B used social media platform Twitter to express her agitation for Madonna’s post in the process of a now-deleted tweet. In particular, she wrote Madonna’s last post, ‘You’re welcome’ with a clown emoticon.

I literally paid tribute to this woman many times, and I literally grew up listening to her… She can make her point without clown emojis and without pouting, Cardi B said in 2018, which she praised. I added a screenshot of the year article with subtitles. singer. This icon is really disappointing once created in the industry. This is why I care about my business. While individuals rushed to react to the ongoing drama, many speculated that the two vocalists were eating beef. Nevertheless, the two talked over the phone and explained that they were good friends. Cardi B said I talked to Madonna… Have a special day and drive safely yallll. In the meantime, I love Madonna @iamcardib !! Always have it and will do it consistently.

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