What did the tweet claim about Anne Hathaway’s cannibalism allegations?

On June 25, an anonymous person claimed that Ocean’s eight actresses Anne Hathaway were involved in cannibalism in a previous case. The tweet, which was subsequently deleted, received a lot of attention on the site, and in two days it had over 20,000 retweets.

The tweet first appeared when a user shared a look at the actress on the June 2022 cover of Elle France. The controversial tweet claimed that bones were found among supportive tweets in the reply area of ​​a post at the actress’s home in 2013.

It should be emphasized that Hathway has never been accused of cannibalism before this controversial tweet received controversial accusations. What’s more, there was no claim that she had anything to do with human remains found in her home. The claims made in the random tweet were completely false.

What did Anne Hathaway alleged in a tweet suspected of being involved in cannibalism?

In response to a tweet in June 2022 featuring Hathaway on the cover of Elle France, Twitter user The Careless Girl (@hotpriestt) said:

“Every tweet that Anne Hathaway is gaining popularity is like police failing to find cannibalism and human remains in a house in Los Angeles that was sold in 2013.”

Many online comments have asked users for proof, but the girl with no problem (@hotpriestt) responded by posting a photo of Anne Hathaway’s house with cuts from the actress. After examining the claim in more detail, the user responded:Trust the woman.

It should be emphasized that Harvard University did not provide any information regarding this study or any indication that Anne Hathaway had anything to do with cannibalism. Surprisingly, a user who posted a tweet that went viral over the weekend and spread false rumors had their account terminated.

Moreover, it is unlikely that Harvard University will conduct research involving the dissemination of deliberately false information about celebrities that could be construed as defamatory. If Harvard actually did celebrity research, the question of legitimacy also arises, as the celebrity is likely to sue the university.

Additionally, Anne Hathaway’s Los Angeles home was featured in the 2019 Architectural Digest article. This further demonstrates that the claim that Hathaway’s home was sold in 2013 is false.

Internet users respond to claims that Anne Hathaway is linked to cannibalism.

Many followers scoffed at users’ attempts to spread outrageous misinformation about the actress as the now-deleted tweet went viral. Many users supported the actress and disputed the accusation, the 39-year-old from Brooklyn.

A user commented that it was moved from Omegaverse Joe Biden. Anne Hathaway’s cannibal argument is the funniest thing here.

Am user commented, “I think I’m very strong at recognizing misinformation, but when I read a tweet that Anne Hathaway was a cannibal and my brain was like, “Oh god damn it!

I didn’t read the tweet that Anne Hathaway was a cannibal, someone else claimed it.

Users said the cannibal Anne Hathaway was one of the craziest misinformation I’ve ever seen.

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