What did True Geordie say about Andrew Tate? YouTuber apologizes for ‘Islam hate’ comments

YouTuber True Geordie recently made Islamophobic remarks about Andrew Tate that didn’t suit a lot of people, which now caused the YouTuber to apologize. Well, so far we have noticed Andrew Tate with his commentary. But now, YouTuber True Geordie seems to have a problem with his comments.

Read ahead of YouTuber True Geordie’s apology for making Islamophobic remarks to Andrew Tate.

Youtuber True Geordie Says Islamophobia to Andrew Tate

A lot of people want to see True Geordie and Andrew Tate in the boxing ring. There is no announcement as to whether this could happen or not. But we definitely have a fight going on between them outside the ring. Recently, the two have indulged in a word.

In a recent podcast, YouTuber True Geordie talked about Andrew Tate. Answers to fan questions about the fight with Andrew Tate. True said “God is on his side” so he won’t have a chance in that fight. It hinted at Tate’s conversion to Islam. Not only that, True went on to say more. Andrew must “blow himself up” to prove his devotion to his religion.

Andrew Tate’s reaction to True Geordie’s Islamophobic remarks

Youtuber True Geordie’s comments on Andrew Tate related to his religion didn’t go well with him. Recently, Netizens responded to True’s comment, which criticized Islamophobia.

In a comment from True, Andrew Tate said, “There are very few people I personally dislike, and True Jodie is one of them.” “Now, after I converted to Islam, he insulted all Muslims by saying in one of his podcasts that my conversion was not true,” he said.

In his reaction, he added that True was a mistake in insulting religion and that he would soon realize his mistake.

YouTuber True Geordie apologizes to Andre Tate

True Jody has finally apologized for making Islamophobic comments about Andrew Tate. Well, I made a mention of Tate after the podcast episode of True. Even netizens criticized True’s comments.

However, he finally apologized in a November 7 video: “I was joking by questioning his ‘newfound belief’, which comes in handy when as many supporters as possible come in handy.” He went on to explain everything. I also admit that it was a silly joke and I’m sorry.

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