What does Cardi B have to do with the late rapper leap? The Migos takeoff and offset were their once eliminated cousins.

After rapper Takeoff was recently shot and killed in Houston, Texas, his relationship with Offset in Houston, Texas, once removed, has been referred to as a cousin, and word of mouth. Well, these days, the famous members of Migos are making connections. Many people do not yet understand the meaning of a cousin once removed.

Takeoff and Offset are their removed cousins ​​and learn more about what they mean.

The relationship between takeoff and offset

Recently, Takeoff played with Quavo at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas. Where rapper Takeoff died after the quarrel began. Since then, the relationship between the late rapper and Offset has been in vogue. Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset are all related to each other.

Takeoff, Quavo and Offset were part of the famous group Migos. It came back in 2008. In addition, the three groups have a relationship with each other. Takeoff and Offset are called cousins ​​once removed. But what does that mean?

What does “Takeoff and Offset are cousins ​​once removed” mean?

Rapper Takeoff is the nephew of rapper Qabo. Offset and takeoff are cousins ​​though. But they are cousins ​​once removed. That is, they are one generation apart from their cousins. By default, the number before the word “removed” indicates the number of generations.

A closer look at Takeoff, Offset, and Quavo’s relationship reveals that they grew up together in Atlanta. No one took care of the three except Edna Marshall, Quavo’s mother. Not to be missed, Quavo also treated Takeoff like his brother, despite being his uncle.

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How does Cardi B relate to rapper Takeoff?

Rapper Offset called Quavo’s mother “the look of her father” in an interview. When it comes to Offset, even Cardi B has to do with Takeoff in one respect. As we know, Offset and Cardi B are married to each other and also share two children together.

So Offset’s cousin, Takeoff, finds his relationship with Cardi B as well. Because she is his cousin’s wife. Moreover, the bad news came following a takeoff that was shot and killed in Houston, Texas, on November 1, 2022. Here’s a post from now sad fans to pay tribute to the deceased rapper on social media.

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