What Does Snozzberry Mean on TikTok When Willy Wonka Joke Returns?

As TikTok became popular with new trends and challenges, I was able to see TikTok as ‘Snowsberry’, meaning that ‘Will Wonka’s joke’ is back. Yes, if you’re an avid observer of TikTok, you’ve probably seen something like “Snozzberry” go viral on the app recently. Currently, the meaning is very popular. But what is it about?

Read ahead to learn more about “Snozzberry” on TikTok and what it means.

Snowberry in the fairy tales of Roald Dahl

If you’ve read author Roald Dahl and his children’s novels, you know Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl’s novel had a character named Willy Wonka. Famous and loved by everyone. TikTok is bringing back some of those novel’s dialogues from TikTok. Willy Wonka’s jokes are back in fashion.

Well, this time it’s a joke about Snowberry and that means it’s getting a lot of buzz on TikTok. There are a lot of people who don’t know the meaning of snowberry, right? What this means and why is it so popular.

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Willy Wonka’s “Snozzberry” joke went viral on TikTok with meaning.

If you can’t remember where the word “Snozzberry” came from. Then it was actually in the novel Dahl where the kids asked Willy Wonka about the taste of the wallpaper. Wonka said that if you go to buy strawberries, they taste the same fruit.

If someone goes to taste “snowberry,” it will taste snowberry. But what’s confusing now is what “Snozzberry” means. In fact, TikTok users found meanings indicating that the word has a double meaning. Yes, that’s why it’s so popular on TikTok.

Snowberry Tik Tok
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The meaning of “Snozzberry” in Willy Wonka’s joke

The meaning of the word “Snozzberry” according to Cracked is di*ks. Dahl was not the first to use the word. He wrote another article, an adult novel that mentioned the word.

Both novels are Dahl’s novels. However, the meaning of ‘Snowberry’ was still unfamiliar. Other than that, the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was later made into a movie. It became one of the hit movies of all time.

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