What happened to Ashley Tropez? Beyond Scared Straight Star found dead at 24

Beyond Scared Straight star Ashley Tropez has been found dead in an abandoned house. Tropez, 24, appeared on a reality program depicting the lives of troubled youth. The show was also nominated for an Emmy for a series that ran for nine seasons. But she was shocked when news of her death came. Ashley Tropez’s murder suspect is already in custody.

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Ashley Tropez found dead at 24

Reality show Beyond Scared Straight star Ashley Tropez has died. She was 24 when it was reported that she was found lifeless in her abandoned home. The whereabouts of Ashley’s body were notified to the Victorville Police Department.

Upon arrival, police found Ashley Tropez dead in an abandoned house on the 16600 block of Victor Street. According to police, Ashley Tropez has trauma to his body. While they try to find out who may have been behind this murder. Meanwhile, they have already arrested one suspect in the murder of Ashley Tropez. The suspect’s name is Alexis Cole.


Alexis Call has been arrested for the murder of Ashley Tropez.

Ashley Tropez was 24 when he died in an abandoned house. While the police are investigating a murder case. They’ve already caught the suspect, and that’s California woman Alexis Call. Alexis, like Ashley, is 24 years old. Chances are, depending on the research team, Alexis was probably familiar with Ashley.

However, there is no strong evidence of how the murder happened. Police believe they may have later squatted in the house where Ashley Tropez’s body was obtained. Alexis is already in police custody.

More on Ashley Tropez Murder

Ashley Tropez’s murder likely. Alexis Call is already in custody. Call the West Valley Detention Center, according to KTLA’s report. She is also charged with unrelated possession of a stolen vehicle.

Meanwhile, an investigation is ongoing into whether Alexis Cole has anything to do with the Ashley Tropez murder.

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