What happened to Baldir Segato? Brazilian Hulk ‘muscle injected with synthol’ dies at 55

Baldir Segato, famous for the Hulk and He-Man, passed away at the age of 55, and all his fans and loved ones expressed their condolences. Valdir was a fitness freak known for injecting Synthol to gain muscle. It even gave him the title of Valdir Synthol. But, despite all his fitness regime, his life was short.

Read ahead to learn more about popular Brazilian bodybuilder Valdir Segato dies at the age of 55.

A little about Valdir Segato

Valdir Segato is a famous Brazilian bodybuilder from Sao Paulo. He was famous for his big physique he got from synthol injections. As a bodybuilder, he was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In addition, his physique was so popular that he earned the titles of Hulk, He-Man, and Monster among fans.

In addition to being a fitness fanatic, Valdir was a Tiktoker who also posted videos on the app. This is where he shared his videos mainly about fitness and big physique. His followers reached 1.6 million. However, with Synthol injections he was always warned. But he continued to use it to build more muscle.

Baldir Segato dies at the age of 55

Valdir Segato, a former construction worker, has died at the age of 55. The Daily Mail reported that the bodybuilder died on his 55th birthday. However, there is no confirmation of how he died. However, the media reported that he complained of shortness of breath. He was later taken to a nearby hospital where he died.

Don’t miss out, Valdir always warned against getting Synthol injections. He damaged nerves and was even life threatening. But he didn’t stop using it and used injections to increase his biceps to 23 inches. He loved the attention he got from his large physique and muscles.

Netizens pay tribute to Valdir Segato.

Since netizens found out about the death of Valdir Segato. The internet is lauded for the deceased bodybuilder. His fans and loved ones mourn the bodybuilder’s death. Meanwhile, netizens are expressing their deepest condolences to Segato’s bereaved family and close acquaintances.

Meanwhile, Baldir was buried according to reports and no autopsy was performed. Therefore, no one knows exactly why he died so early.

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