What happened to Caitlin Jensen and how did she become paralyzed? GoFundMe Raises Over $60,000

Georgia Southern University graduate Caitlin Jensen, 28, became paralyzed after receiving chiropractic treatment on June 16, 2022. According to reports, Jensen’s artery was amputated and paralyzed during chiropractic correction.

Opened GoFundMe page to fund medical expenses Caitlyn Jensen

The GoFundMe campaign, established to raise Jensen’s medical bills, has already exceeded its $61,000 fundraising goal. More than 1,200 donations have been sent to the page by the 28-year-old aspirant, both known and unknown. A recent report from a fundraising event showed that Jensen can only communicate by moving her eyes. The rest of her body is completely paralyzed, but she can shake her toes.

According to a June 22nd GoFundMe page created by Linda Foster,

According to Linda Foster, a GoFundMe page, founded on June 22, Caitlin Jensen said, “I graduated this May with degrees in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Southern Georgia.” She is currently in the Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit, a Memorial Hospital in Georgia. Jensen is described by Foster as follows: However, the 28-year-old suffered a stroke as previously revealed. According to her fundraiser page, Caitlin Jensen “resurrected because of her lack of pulse for more than 10 minutes.”

She suffered fatal brain damage and is in critical condition. Currently, Caitlin can respond to her voice commands by shaking the toe of her left foot and blinking her eyes. However, the wound paralyzes her body. Caitin will need some time for her recovery and she will want her financial support to help her through this horrific experience.

Caitlyn Jensen

According to the latest update from fundraising event coordinator Linda Foster, on Wednesday, July 13th, Jensen experienced severe pain in her neck and back of her brain. Foster added additional information about the Caring Bridge. She said, “(Jensen) had a hard day with pulmonary mucus buildup that obstructed her tracheal tube.” The report also noted that Caitlin Jensen’s medical tests were delayed because facility staff were overburdened with multiple traumatic cases. Jensen needs to recover quickly with her proper treatment and rehabilitation.



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