What happened to Cormack Ross? Tim Roth’s son dies at 25

Tim Ross’ son Cormack Ross has died at the age of 25. Tim Roth was a popular actor who was also a good father to his children. One of his three children, son “Cormac Roth”, had been battling a fatal illness for a long time. The news has now been posted that Cormac is no longer available.

Tim Roth’s son, Cormac Roth, has died at the age of 25.

Tim Ross’ son Cormack Ross dies

Celebrity actor Tim Roth recently lost his son, Cormac Roth, and suffered major losses. Cormac Roth, son of Tim Roth and Nikki Butler, no longer exists and died at the age of 25. He died on October 16, 2022. In addition, his family announced the death of their son in an emotional statement.

A statement from Cormac Roth’s family reads: “He was a wild, electrical energy ball and his spirit was full of light and goodness.” He continued, “When I think of the beautiful boy I’ve known for 25 years and 10 months, sadness comes as tears and laughter come together.”

How did Cormac Roth die?

Cormac Roth was a guitarist and composer who was always passionate about his work. Cormac is full of life and kind people when his family remembers him. His life was short, when he died from cancer at the young age of 25. Moreover, in November 2021, musician Cormack was diagnosed with stage 3 germ cell cancer.

The news of his diagnosis was shared by Cormac himself on Instagram. His writing was “Life is short”. “It is chaos. And you’ll never know when it will be you. Be well and go see a doctor. damn cancer”.

Fans and loved ones mourn the death of Cormac Roth.

Cormac Roth was a passionate artist. In fact, he even shared his last video thanking everyone who supported him in August while battling cancer. In the video, he said, “I don’t always choose fate. It is not always possible to choose the future.”

Meanwhile, after the death of Cormac Roth, netizens pay tribute to the composer who has passed away. Fans express their heartfelt condolences to Cormac Roth’s family and loved ones.

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