What happened to Cory Wharton’s daughter? Maya was having trouble breathing and was rushed back to the emergency room.

Teen Mom’s star Cory Wharton’s daughter Maya was recently admitted to the emergency room again with difficulty breathing. Cory has updated all her fans about her daughter, who is suffering from many health problems at this young age. Besides, recently she was re-experiencing some problems where her Cory took her to her ER. But is she okay now?

Teen Mom’s Cory Wharton revealed that her daughter was taken to the emergency room again due to difficulty breathing.

Teen Mom’s Cory Wharton updates everything about her daughter’s health.

Teen Mom’s famous star Cory Wharton recently shared an update on her Instagram about daughter Maya. Maya and Cory both share the loving bond of father and daughter. It was a difficult time for both of us. Little Maya has not been good enough lately and she has had to go to the ER again.

Cory recently posted on Instagram that her daughter was having trouble breathing and was admitted to the emergency room again. In the photo, Cory’s young daughter was seen wearing an oxygen mask. While Cory’s captions say it all to fans.

Cory Wharton said Maya is now stable.

“It’s been a very long day. We had to bring Maya to the emergency room,” Cory Wharton wrote, updating all information regarding her daughter’s health. His post about his daughter updated all of the reasons Maya couldn’t breathe properly because she couldn’t get enough oxygen.

However, Cory shared a photo of her daughter on Instagram. I could see a little baby resting in an oxygen mask. Maya even had to undergo surgery. Meanwhile, Cory’s post said the little girl is now stable.

Cory Wharton’s daughter Maya Credit: Instagram / Cory Wharton

Further update on Cory Wharton’s daughter

To be honest about Maya’s update, Cory just wanted his daughter to do well. Because he had previously asked her fans to pray for her daughter. Now Maya is stable and I wish everyone the best for the little girl.

Cory also shared a photo with her daughter in her post, saying, “This little girl has already gone through a lot, but you can see how calm and stable she looks. Just praying it doesn’t get any worse will bring her terrified eyes into her eyes. It hurts my heart to see you.”

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