What Happened to Erin Napier’s Health: Disease Update

Erin Napier is bravely sharing her story nearly a decade after battling a mysterious disease. On her Wednesday evening, the HGTV star, 36, announced about her own health on her own Instagram. “At this time of the year, memories of my illness come to mind,” she said.

In 2014, the home town star started captioning this post with the title “When my husband and co-star Ben Napier and I wrote our book a few years ago.” It includes two family photos in the hospital and a book I wrote with my spouse. “For a long time I believed that the last operation had left everything quiet.”

The Hometown star said, “I talked to a friend who had been receiving treatment for 8 years for appendicitis and discomfort. It left a deep scar on my nerve pathways, which has made me terrified and preoccupied ever since, especially with illness and nausea. ” “My brain starts fighting or trying to escape to save my life when I’m not in danger against my will. My mind starts spinning out of control,” she continued. What Happened to Erin Napier’s Health: Disease Update.

Erin Napier’s Health: Disease Update

Erin explained how the COVID-19 pandemic has made him “reassured” that “we’ve been able to connect all these dots in recent months.” She also spoke about why she wrote the post and how she hopes her own comments will help others who are experiencing similar difficulties.

“That’s all, isn’t it? We all have our own problems. But isn’t it cool to have a place to go when you’re having a hard time editing the hard parts? As long as you have family or loved ones around your hospital bed, there’s always a light in the dark. There is,” said Erin with a frown.

Erin was so open-minded in the comments section that she was praised by many viewers, and some praised her. “Thank you for sharing. We are all a little broken. So the light comes in,” wrote one user. Another netizen said, “Thank you for sharing the easy and difficult parts. This is the reality we all need. Blessings to you as you continue to overcome the trauma.”

That same week, Drew Barrymore also responded to Erin’s article, adding: Etc!!!!!! Thanks for letting me know about this. PS, please trust me as well.”

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All about Erin Napier

In 2018, Erin revealed in the memoirs of her and her spouse that she had been ill before and how it affected their relationship. “It’s been a really sad and terrifying decade,” Erin told PEOPLE in 2018. Erin said her health problems started when she was 19 and she was stressed out, she said.

“If I had severe gastrointestinal discomfort with a low fever for 24 hours, it would go away.” However, after Erin married Ben in 2008, her episodes got worse, she said. “It went from two days to three days,” she said. Erin can be in bed for a week at a time due to severe pain and loss of consciousness.

As a result of regular check-ups, the patient had an extremely rare disease, perforation of the appendix. The organ ruptured and healed itself for years without anyone realizing what was going on. “When it first happened to me when I was 19, it partially burst,” she recalled. Fortunately, it was successfully removed along with the appendix, which solved the physical problem if not an emotional scar.

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