What happened to Ethan Ohayon? TikTok star dies at 28

The social media star best known for his diet cult and posts mocking his weight has died at the age of 28. Israeli online sensation Idan Ohayon unfortunately passed away yesterday evening, and tributes have begun to pour in. his beloved fans. His most recent Instagram post was overwhelmed with remarks by a significant portion of his 45,000 followers who couldn’t believe the horrific news. With his massive Instagram followers, 115,000 fans on TikTok and thousands of fans on YouTube, he was one of the most notable and influential people in his home country of Israel. He often videotaped what he ate, and did not hesitate to ridicule his weight. The star recently appeared on a documentary reality show called ‘Creatoks’, in which he and other influencers pursued the title of Israel’s premier content creator.

Idan Ohayon is said to have died at the Barzilai Clinical Center in Ashkelon. Idan Ohayon’s family confirmed that the cause of his death was a medical condition and that his memorial service will be held at Kiryat Gat’s cemetery. Idan Ohayon took a brief break from social media, but confirmed his comeback in an interview a few months ago. He told Ynet: “One day, I decided to go back to social media and uploaded a video to TikTok. Unexpectedly, it reached 300,000 views in 24 hours, so I uploaded another video and uploaded another video and the views continued to rise. It was very handsome and cool, people remembered me and asked for a selfie even when I was walking around the city.

Israeli TikTok star Idan Ohayon, known for making fun of his obesity, has died at the age of 28.

Israeli social media star Idan Ohayon died Tuesday night at the age of 28 at Ashkelon’s Barzilai Clinical Center. Idan Ohayon was a content creator with numerous supporters on various social media platforms. The family said his cause of death was medical, and a memorial service was held on Wednesday at the cemetery in Kiryat Gat. Idan Ohayon is known to have had his mother, brother and sister. In the video, Ohayon cemented his love of frequent food and did not hesitate to ridicule his weight and weight. With more than 115,000 followers on the TikTok platform, more than 45,000 followers on his Instagram account and many YouTube subscribers on his channel, he is said to have been considered a prominent and notable influential person in Israel.

His most recent post on Instagram was full of messages from followers on his Instagram account, thanking him and struggling to deal with the disastrous news. A few months ago he appeared on a documentary reality TV show called The Creators, who got close to other big internet influencers known to be seeking the title of Israel’s top content creator in the documentary.

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