What happened to his nephew Wadehofer? Influencer and model commit suicide at age 31

Model and social media influencer niece Wade Hopper takes her own life in Houston, Texas. She was 31 years old.

Influencers have reached out to their followers who are struggling with their mental health. She shared the content to raise awareness about it in general.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Mental health influencer nephew Wadehofer dies tragic after suicide

Fans of niece Waidhofer were worried, with all the pictures removed from her Instagram page, leaving only three posts.

The first was the day she got engaged to her partner and the second was a short clip of the puppy. The last photo of her was a random selfie she took in her car almost three months ago.

Waidhofer has around 4.2 million followers on her Instagram page.

Nevertheless, suspicions only grew when the model completely disappeared from social media platforms about a month or two ago.

Still, her family began to worry. They contacted Houston authorities and conducted a welfare check on Waidhofer.

But they found her lifeless body.

To date, law enforcement officials are convinced that Wadehofer killed herself because there was no evidence of cheating based on the way her body was found.

According to TMZ, a charity called ‘Peace from Niece’ will be established to honor the model.

The nonprofit will continue Waidhofer’s goal of raising mental health awareness. They will also provide funding for psychiatric research.

The family of their niece Waidhofer issued a statement confirming the tragic death of an influential person.

On Thursday, the family of Waidhofer’s nephew delivered shocking news that sent shockwaves across the Internet.

They said, ‘Sadly, my nephew took his own life after a long struggle with mental health issues.’

The statement also stated that ‘she was very open to her followers about her struggles and even wanted to help those who were suffering.’

nephew wadehofer

They also said, ‘The nephew was more than her struggles. She was beautiful, kind, sensitive, fun, creative, talented, generous, compassionate, thoughtful and challenging.’

Waidhofer’s family added: ‘It’s so painful to say goodbye, but we are comforted to know that she is reunited with her father, three grandparents, Uncle Rusty and beloved Puff. And now she is free and at last at peace.’

Wade Hopper is said to be buried in a private ceremony made up of only close friends and family.



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