What happened to James Rastovich? Is he still missing?

The notable drama Days of Our Lives is known for its epic, heart-pounding moments on screen every season. Even so, one of the stars of Days of Our Lives was involved in a real-life drama until recently. James Lastovic, who starred in Days of Our Lives for 27 Years, saw a kid not returning his rental car during a round trip to Hawaii’s Hanalei Narrows Resort and his mom Lucien Lastovic (Lucienne Lastovic) described as missing. E! News. James Lastovic played the character Joey Johnson in Days of Our Lives from 2015 to 2020. He appeared in ten episodes of the Netflix series Insatiable and additionally in the 2021 movie This Game’s Called Murder.

According to James Lastovic’s IMDb page, he recently wrote and starred in a short film called The Doghouse, which is in post-production. The celebrity and his roommate Nevin Dizdari have been described as missing after not returning to the resort, Hanalei Cove Resort, on Sunday. They last heard a message from their host, Carrie Flanders, at 1:30 PM local time about Kōke’e State Park and Wreck Beach, which appears to have planned hiking and cliff diving. Carrie Fander’s husband confirmed to EW that James Lastovic and Nevin Dizdari were safely located on Tuesday after they got lost during a hike and lost calls.

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Is James Rastovich still missing? Days Of Our Lives Is the star okay?

Fortunately, James Lastovic is alive and well! Referring back to a similar report in E! News, James Lastovic and his flatmate Nevin Dizdari went with James on a trip to Hawaii but were found to be safe and healthy. Their hostess, the husband of Carrie Flanders, confirmed to EW that James Lastovic and Nevin Dizdari were found safely on Tuesday after their cell phones got lost while hiking. James’ deputy also confirmed that the pair had been found.

Also update Nevin Dizdari’s sister’s Instagram update: My sister and James are fine. I got lost on a hike, but I’m driving back to my hotel now. The development comes after James Lastovic’s mom, Lucienne Lastovic, asked for help finding her child, referring to her on Instagram that she had neglected a trip back to California with Dizdari on Monday. She also noted that the two had left all their assets in a hotel handed over to the police. The Kauai Police Department did not respond promptly to EW’s request for comment.

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