What happened to Jessica Simpson? Fans are worried about Singer Face after the Pottery Barn commercial

Fans are concerned about the health of Jessica Simpson, who recently appeared in a commercial for a Pottery class.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jessica Simpson’s advertisement for Pottery Barn caused concern among fans.

Jessica Simpson shared a new Pottery Barn ad featuring herself on her Instagram profile on Thursday.

However, instead of cheering comments, many fans’ worried comments made it sad that she looked too weak in the video.

The mother of the 42-year-old said, ‘Hi, I’m Jessica Simpson. Welcome to my daughter Birdie’s room, designed by Pottery Barn Kids and a little bit of me.’

She also said, ‘I was really drawn to the geometric prints and colors. This is the character of Buddy to me. Thank you for visiting Birdie Mae Johnson’s lovely room.’

If you don’t know, Simpson shares three children with husband Eric Johnson, whom he married in July 2014.

In addition, With You hitmaker gave birth to daughter Maxwell (10), son Ace (9), and another daughter named Buddy (2).

Fans React to Jessica Simpson’s New Ad for Pottery Barn

Fans have filled the comments section of Jessica Simpson’s Pottery Barn post with messages of concern. They mainly paid attention to her horse and weight.

Moreover, not only was the voice not normal, but it also hinted at differences in appearance.

One user wrote, ‘Why is she saying that now?’

A second fan said, ‘It’s strange, what she says in every video. As if she were trying to say her right.’

The third person said, ‘Respectfully… she looks fragile.’

But Simpson’s loyal fans defended her after the online attack.

One fan said, ‘It’s a pity that all these comments are about looks. It’s not anyone’s business. I wish people were kinder.’

Another pointed out, ‘It’s not her fault that she has an eating disorder, so these comments don’t help the ridicule that she gained weight after pregnancy.’

Meanwhile, Simpson started her weight loss journey three years ago and lost 100 pounds.

She said, ‘I had to go to a nutritionist and organize my eating habits.

She also said, ‘I think all my hormones were crazy like me before I had a baby. I think I’m actually younger.’


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