What happened to Jethro Lazenby? Nick Cave announces death of 30-year-old son

Australian singer Nick Cave has received the sad news that his eldest son, Jethro Lazenby, is no longer there. The popular singer is having a hard time losing his son Jethro. Jethro died at the age of 30, but was in prison before his death and was recently released. But what happened to Jetro Lazenby all of a sudden?

Read ahead to learn more about Nick Cave’s son Jethro Lazenby, who died at the young age of 30.

Who is Jethro Lazenby?

Jethro Lazenby was the eldest son of Australian singer Nick Cave and his former partner Beau Lazenby. Jethro was born in Melbourne in 1991. He made public appearances as an actor in some projects along with modeling.

His mother and Nick Cave’s partner was a Melbourne-based model. However, Beau and her son Jethro don’t seem to get along well with each other. Jethro was recently arrested for attacking his mother, Beau Lazenby.

Nick Cave confirmed the death of his son Jethro Lazenby.

This week, on May 9th, Nick Cave took to social media to announce the death of his son Jethro Lazenby. The cause of Jethro’s death is still unknown. However, we know that he was released after being arrested on charges of attacking his mother recently.

Jethro’s release came on condition that he was being treated for substance abuse and separated from his mother for two years. Nick is saddened by the news and wants privacy during these difficult times.

Nick Cave lost his son Arthur in 2015.

Nick Cave had three women in his life, but they have children. His first partner was Beau Lazenby. Beau and he shared the Jethro. He had his first wife, Brazilian journalist Vivian Carneiro, with whom they had a son, Luke. Then he married Susie Bick, who had twin sons Earl and Arthur.

However, Arthur died in 2015 by falling off a cliff near Brighton. Arthur was also in LSD at the time of his death, according to reports published in the Daily Mail. Do not forget that, according to reports, Jethro Lazenby did not know his father Nick Cave. He got to know him when he was eight years old. Meanwhile, after Jethro Lazenby’s death, social media has been flooded with condolences.

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