What happened to Jimmy Lin? Taiwanese singer, son seriously injured in car accident

Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin and his children were involved in an accident in Taoyuan on July 22. According to sources, Lin’s white Tesla hit a road divider while driving and caught fire.

The father and the boy were rescued from the car by onlookers who called for help. According to eyewitnesses, Jimmy’s face was covered in blood and his arm appeared to be broken.

Many of his fractures were confirmed by Lin’s agency on Friday, and hospital staff are doing everything they can to help him. Further information is still pending, but his condition is currently stable.

Lin’s wife and family were seen at the scene of the crash. According to accounts, Lin complained of pain in her left and right shoulder and his son showed evidence of chest contusions. Both a blood alcohol test and traffic cameras showed that Jimmy wasn’t speeding and wasn’t intoxicated.

Jimmy Lin had to complete his compulsory military service.

Jimmy Lin’s stage performance at Hwagang, where he was studying drama and photography, led to his discovery. He initially turned down a manager’s invitation to the entertainment industry, but later accepted it and became famous after releasing her debut album Not Every Love Song Has Fond Memories in 1992.

Thirteen other albums have been created and released by Lin, and he has also appeared in numerous films and TV shows, and occasionally sponsored commercials. Despite his slight setbacks, he performed brilliantly as a soldier and received several recognitions during his 1994 military service. In 1996 he resumed acting and singing.

When Jimmy Lin returned to the entertainment industry, he faced a lot of competition from newbies. While pursuing his racing car ambitions, he got into an accident but didn’t give up. Lin received racing training from Ma Jun Kun and founded the Ping Tzuo Racing Advisory Company with two of his friends.

After hosting the Jimmy Cup in 2005, he founded the Jimmy Lean Rally Team in 2006. Also, in 2006, he devoted himself to his singing career while working on his last album, ‘Going for Walk’. In addition to other occasions, movies and television programs. In 2006, he appeared in the first modern Chinese TV series, Blind Dating with the Single Princess.

In October 2008, Jimmy Lin arranged his first concert in Shanghai in 14 years, drawing about 25,000 people to celebrate his 34th birthday. His second concert, held in November 2009, was attended by his parents and siblings.

More about Jimmy Lin

The 47-year-old is also a wealthy businessman. He founded the IT company Inwellcom, Tech, co. In 2000, his home has the best security system his business has ever built. Then, in 2006, he and his younger brother set up an online shopping mall called JR, and opened a car dealership called Road Star.

In 2005, Jimmy Lin founded the PingTzuo International Racing Sports Advisory Company. In 2006, he opened his first restaurant, Dream Family Café. He has multiple stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan.

In Taiwan and other countries, Jimmy is an ambassador for several youth and government projects. In October 2003 he was awarded the China Excellence Award at the 51st San Francisco Festival.

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