What happened to Katy Perry’s eyes? Singer’s eye malfunction during a Las Vegas show

Katy Perry experienced an eye ‘glitch’ in the middle of a concert, and fans now stress that pop stars could be robots. At a recent Las Vegas ‘Play’ residency gig, Katy Perry seemed unable to keep her right eye open. She put her fingers on her temples to keep her eyelids from falling off. Eventually the performer figured out how to raise her eyelids and she kept her eyes fully open for a few minutes. She blinked before she asked her concert attendees to make some noise for her band. The strange display, which has since gone viral on social media, has received a response from KatyCats, shifting from worry to pleasure.

‘Her clone is broken. It’s amazing,’ one individual wrote to TikTok, and one said her robot looks like it’s messing up a ton of work. That bitch is the robot we know. Someone else wrote it as a joke. Katy Perry [sic] This is an mf robot lol. One more word. Meanwhile, another person said that it was not that the eyes were strange, but that the fact that they went to the show was acting as if it had never happened. Many found the moment rather amusing. The baby doll I had as a child kept her eyes closed, one joked on TikTok, the other pondered more, and then the Wi-Fi connection was lost.

Katy Perry suffered an eye defect in the middle of a concert.

Katy Perry has become an easily recognized name in the world for her music career that had a major impact on mainstream music in the 2010s. As her acclaimed artist, she is known for her amazing shows and continues to showcase her own abilities, radiating her energy in front of her audience. In any case, the recent incident on her broadcast has made her fans go crazy. On her Las Vegas residency show, vocalist Katy Perry dealt with a bit of a problem with her show on Monday night. After the incident, numerous videos and photos of the incident quickly surfaced on the web. In a video posted to her TikTok, she was seen struggling to open her right eye on a show that sparked the concern of many fans. She wore a can-inspired silver leotard to a Las Vegas show, blinking her eyes, and stopping halfway through.

In the video, one of her eyelids had all the ear piercings, which in the long run affected the vocalist’s right eye. She saw controlling her eyes, but effectively opening them and closing them once again to no avail. However, the vocalist took the show off for a while and investigated what was going on, handling the situation like an ace. After her condition returned to normal, she continued her show at that point. The quirky display that caused a web sensation via social media met KatyCats’ reaction from worry to fun. Fans have compared Katy Perry’s crooked eyes to those of Disney’s animatronics for the first time in 10 years. On her 38th birthday, remarks about a ‘roaring singer flaw’ came out.

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