What happened to Katy Pfeiffer? When she was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery

Katie Piper said she was recently taken to the hospital for emergency surgery after she suffered severe burns to her face and blindness in one eye from sulfuric acid from her ex-boyfriend. The TV host, 38, started dating in February 2008 after Daniel Lynch began texting him on his social media platform Facebook. Nevertheless, her relationship turned into a terrifying encounter when Daniel Lynch assaulted Katie Pfeiffer and asked her colleague Stefan Silvestre to carry out an acid attack in 2008. Katy Pfeiffer was in a coma for 12 days and she had to go further and get her skin graft. procedure.

Katie Piper was born in October 1983 to parents David and Diane. She lives in Andover, Hampshire, and after graduating from her school trained as a hairdresser. She started her demonstrations, took part in various shoots for national newspapers, and in 2006 she was known for her runner-up in the Miss Winchester pageant. Eventually she moved further to London and worked as a host for several TV shows. In March 2008, Katie badly mutilated her face with an acid attack with sulfuric acid. However, she didn’t allow her attacks to characterize her and since then, after her horrific episodes, she has turned into a publishing writer who has an incredibly effective job on TV.

Katy Pfeiffer rushed to hospital for the effects of a dreadful 2008 acid attack

Katie Piper said she was recently taken to hospital for emergency surgery after being attacked with sulfuric acid. Katie Piper said in her most recent Instagram post of her own: On Saturday my lover saw little black circles in her blind eye, and she thought she had one more pupil and was energized, but by Sunday her left eye was extremely painful and she couldn’t do anything. t is light-tolerant, so I padded it and glued it to the old wound. I got used to suffering to some extent and went to work.

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By Sunday night I was ill and in excruciating pain. I contacted my eye specialist @sherazdaya @centreforsightuk and sadly he confirmed that the black circle was the hole in my eye and my eye was punctured. She added that the fear that this would happen was forever. Yesterday @sherazdaya got a tissue for me and worked on it. I can’t say thank you enough for him and his group, their insight and skills, but additionally the way they are all friendly and caring. There may be a few evil people in this world, but there are also some pretty incredible people who also do amazing things for themselves. Team @sherazdaya @centreforsightuk Thank you so much.

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