What happened to Len Eleanor? The controversy was investigated as netizens questioned Wren’s mother putting her child’s safety at risk.

TikTok allows you to get content every minute, but not everyone likes it as TikTok user Wren.Eleanor recently disabled comments after being controversial on the platform. Well, if you haven’t seen Wren.Eleanor’s video. This is why TikTok is controversial.

Read ahead to learn more about Wren.Eleanor’s deactivation of comments after being controversial on TikTok.

Who is Tiktoker Wren.Eleanor?

TikTok has grown in popularity with its user base over time. The app has users of almost all ages. Some parents even post videos of their children on the app. One such TikTok user is Jacquelyn, who likes to post videos of her daughter Wren on TikTok.

The mother and daughter’s TikTok account is famous under the name ‘Wren.Eleanor’. Her daughter’s videos are so popular on the app that she has around 17 million followers on the app. But recently, TikTok has been controversial with videos of her daughter.

Wren.Eleanor has disabled comments on TikTok.

Jacquelyn continues to post videos of her daughter on TikTok. After I recently posted a video of my daughter. She faces backlash from other users. Netizens are saying that her daughter is exploiting her for her views. After posting her comments, Jacquelyn disabled TikTok’s comments section.

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In response, another TikToker Replyhazy showed stats for two videos by Jacquelyn. One of her regular videos garnered 2.1 million views and 14.6 million saves. Another video, a video of her daughter bathing, has garnered 1.9 million views. Saved 58.4k hours. It indicates that the video is going into the hands of the wrong people.

Jacqueline’s reaction to the controversy

Netizens are commenting on the video of a Tik Toker daughter getting into the wrong hands. Jacquelyn had no reaction to all of this. Rather, the comments section of her video is disabled. So she can’t comment on her own videos.

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Meanwhile, users of TikTok are scolding Jacquelyn for exploiting her daughter for mere hits. She scolded her by including her other moms in her app. Because everyone is waiting for Jacquelyn to respond to the controversy.

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