What happened to Lil Duvall? As he posted a video of himself tied to a stretcher on his Instagram

Roland Powell, best known by his stage name Lil Duval, was hit by a car while driving an all-terrain vehicle in the Bahamas and taken to hospital on July 26. He broke his hip and suffered minor injuries in the crash, and was taken to the Bahamas capital for treatment.

Duval said in an Instagram video released on Tuesday that he was hit by a car while riding a four-wheeler. In the video, he is tied to a stretcher, with gauze bandages wrapped around his body and forehead, and taken to an ambulance. “Now I have a broken leg and have to fly to Nassau for surgery,” he added.

Are you okay with lil duvall?

In another post about his condition on Twitter, he informed his followers that he was in pain and could not answer calls and messages. “I broke my hip, not my leg,” he said in an Instagram description. Snoop Dogg wrote on Instagram, “Because you’re great.

Duval’s agent also provided a statement to TMZ. “Lil Duvall was riding a four-wheeler and his car collided with him, causing a car accident and breaking his hip. He is being transported from Nassau to Jacksonville, Florida in stable condition for treatment at a nearby facility that has the tools and ability to perform the surgical procedures necessary for recovery.

Fans wishing for a speedy recovery

“I have no bleeding at all,” Duvall tweeted. Duval previously updated a follower on Twitter about his status. Fans showed their support and relief while Duval maintained his strength. One netizen said, “I’m glad that I can type and understand the meaning. I wish you a speedy recovery, uncle.” Another added, “Thank God!”

Jamie Foxx and Ludricas wished Duval a speedy recovery. Wishing you good health, you left a message of support on his Instagram post. “Goodbye, my friend,” said Ludacris. I’m thinking about you, champ. Get well as soon as possible,” said Jamie Foxx. XZIBIT answered. Get Healthy. Rapper 2chainz wrote, “I hope you are healthy.” Maaaaaan, I hope you get better first. TI countered. Then, bro, put your old ass somewhere and find a mind to relax. “Amen” Damn it, my friend! Many blessings to everyone who has been with you. Anthony Hamilton wrote: “I love you.

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