What happened to Lil Yachty? The rapper’s van crashed on its way to Rolling Loud Miami.

Rolling Loud Miami 2022, one of America’s most prestigious hip-hop events, kicked off on Friday, July 22nd at Hard Rock Stadium. However, the start of this famous event was rocky when one of the musicians, Lil Yachty, was in an accident.

Lil Yachty was apparently traveling to Rolling Loud Miami with his crew when the incident occurred. In several videos posted online, the Georgian was seen quickly switching to another vehicle after his black van was severely damaged. After the tragic accident, social media users immediately expressed concern about his recovery. But others joked that the 24-year-old rapper’s music saved the festival. Future, Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi were headliners for three days at Rolling Loud Miami 2022.

Are you okay with lil yacht tea?

One of Rolling Loud Miami’s musicians this year, Lil Yachty, was traveling there in a black van with his crew. It’s not clear exactly what happened, but in a popular video posted on Twitter, the rapper’s van was completely torn down on the right side. The car was out of control and could not turn.

The video also shows Lil Yachty’s entourage quickly getting into another black van as he exits the damaged vehicle. The ‘Speed ​​Me Up’ hitmaker hasn’t commented on the event yet on his social media accounts, but he says he’s been fine and has performed at prestigious festivals.

Rolling Loud co-founders Tariq Cherif and Matt Zingler were contacted by a publication called Deadline to provide insight into Kanye’s decision to withdraw from the festival. We expected Ye to perform at Rolling Loud Miami in 2022. He and his staff and I worked on the show for several months. Sadly, Ye has decided not to perform any more, they said in a joint statement. “This is the first headliner to cancel our event, and we don’t take it lightly, but we wish him good luck,” the duo continued. We’re excited to see Kid Cudi appear as a prime Miami attraction. And I’m so excited to see what he will have.

People on social media prayed for Lil Yachty.

Twitter users flocked to the platform to discuss Lil Yachty’s car accident. One fan posted, “Prayer for York Tea and all passengers + personal comments,” and another fan added, “Oh, hope is good.” In a subsequent tweet, he wrote, “Oh, we can’t miss another legend so quickly.” Hope the vehicle is fine. Posted by user in the background.

someone else asked One ardent supporter said: “I am a praying man. This is terrible. He quickly changed cars, as one user tweeted. I hope he’s okay. This is one user’s post. Another said, “I hope he is well” at the first reaction.

One user said he personally commented with prayers for both the yacht and its occupants.

We can’t lose another legend soon, user added.

Another asked why they evacuated him if he had the chance.

He changed cars as fast as trash, another said.

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