What Happened to Nicocado Avocado? Fans pay attention because he hasn’t posted anything on social media in the past month.

Nikocado Avocado’s followers were quite worried about not being active on his main channel for over a month. On May 15, 2022, he left his last post on his main channel. On June 30, 2022, he posted on one of his extension channels.

The most famous video producer for mukbang and mukbang recently gained over 100kg in front of the camera. There is no official explanation for the producer’s absence, but many followers speculate that this weight control may have been the cause.

While many are concerned about his health, his disappearance on social media has also sparked rumors that he may have died.

health Nicocado Avocado His unusual absence aroused concern among his followers.

For the past five years, Nikocado Avocado has been a prominent YouTube content creator. He is fairly reliable when publishing his articles. However, his followers and followers are concerned about his health due to his absence. On May 15, 2022, he posted his last post on the main channel.

Fans are making predictions about his death along with his health problems. They believe this is the only plausible explanation for his disappearance online. However, it is important to remember that there have been no confirmed reports of his death or health problems.

These claims with trigger warnings also circulate a lot on YouTube. Arguments and hypotheses are not unique to Twitter. Pray for his family, Nicocado Avocado has passed away (Trigger Warning), this short film has a lot to say about it.

After six days on social media, Nikocado may be taking a break from the internet.

According to some, he has uploaded a movie every day for the past five years. Meanwhile, his most recent contradiction has raised many questions and concerns.

Wait, Nicoca and Avocado are dead?!? the user exclaimed.

Another user said he wasn’t sure because he had not been active on social media for several days and some people claim he is dead.

Chances are the YouTuber is taking a break from social media.

In addition to posting a video on one of his extended channels on June 30, 2022, he was also active on Instagram 6 days ago. However, his latest video dispels suspicions that many people are concerned about his health because they think the avocado is not him.

The YouTuber recently gained 100kg because he regularly eats huge amounts of food for the sake of a movie. As a result, only two ribs were broken, requiring a breathing machine.

Many also joined the petition to outlaw Nicocado and his videos to prevent Nicocado from encouraging overeating. However, there are voices of concern as Nicokado has been using social media for a long time.

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