What Happened to Nubia Cristina Braga? Instagram influencer shot dead outside her home

Instagram influencer Nubia Cristina Braga was shot dead outside her home. A rising influencer has been murdered and an investigation remains to find out her motive. Her loved ones and her family mourn the loss of her soul. Because Nubia left this world too soon. But what exactly happened to her?

Read ahead to learn more about Nubia Cristina Braga being shot dead outside her home.

Who was Nubian Cristina Braga?

Nubia Cristina Braga was a 23-year-old Instagram influencer with many followers. She mainly posted content related to beauty, travel and more. She loved traveling to places and often posted about her travels on social media.

He was also actively involved in social work. According to her aunt, Nubia liked to help people and often volunteered for social work. She also liked organizing parties such as Children’s Day. But recently, an accident has followed that has driven her away from all of her.

Nubian Cristina Braga shot dead

It was on the 14th of October that the influencer Nubia was discovered in his home near Santa Maria, Aracaju. Reportedly, the famous influencer just came from a hair salon. But as she entered her house, there were two gunmen who shot and killed her. Who came by motorcycle?

However, the cause of the murder is still unknown. Nevertheless, the investigation into her motive for murder continues. On the other hand, in the last Instagram story, there was a story of an influencer visiting a beauty salon.

Lovers and fans pay tribute to Nubia Cristina Braga.

As soon as news of Nubia’s death came out. The internet has been buzzing with followers of her Instagram influencer who pays tribute to her. while mourning the death of Braga. They also expressed their deepest condolences to her family and her loved ones in Nubia.

Many netizens are distrustful of the fall of Nubia. Plus, some people can’t believe she just posted her Instagram story. And a few hours later she was shot dead. However, an investigation will reveal why the influencer was killed.

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