What happened to the rich boy? Where is the rich boy now? What happened to the rapper?

American rapper Rich Boy has been arrested after a feud with his parents. Recently, news broke that the rapper had a fight with his parents. After that, the rapper is detained by the police. But what exactly happened as a result of his arrest?

Read ahead to learn more about rapper Rich Boy’s arrest for violent quarrels with his parents.

Who is Rich Boy?

Rich Boy’s real name, popular with this stage name, is Marece Benjamin Richards. He is from Mobile, Alabama. With a job as a rapper, he got his famous song “Throw some D’s”. It dates back to 2006.

Another song titled “Drop” also became popular in 2009. After all, many remixes also became popular. He dropped out of school to become a rapper. Eventually he ended up working with great musicians as well. He also came up with a few solo songs of his own. Not to be missed is the recent news about a hip-hop rapper, surprising everyone.

What Happened to Rapper Rich Boy?

Rapper Rich Boy has recently been in the spotlight after a fight with his parents. As reported by AL.com, we learned that the rapper was arrested on September 30. He is charged with second-degree domestic violence. One charge against him is for harassment.

The other is for attack. He had a bit of a quarrel with his parents following a source’s post and was arrested and sent to Mobile Jail. Meanwhile, news of his arrest have already spread on the Internet.

Rapper Rich Boy net worth

Sources now claim rapper Rich Boy’s arrest. Netizens are thinking about the rapper’s net worth. Although Big Hit didn’t come from a rapper. But we do have hints of his net worth for him.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, rapper Rich Boy has an estimated net worth of around $300,000. Although we have no information about the rapper’s assets and the rapper’s music career is his main source of income.

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