What happened to Tom Holland? Is he dead or alive? Explanation

The hashtag “RIP Tom Holland” started with a tweet claiming that Tom Holland would die in 2022. But the actor is still alive and healthy.

Social media appears to have once again accomplished a feat by convincing users that a star has passed away. The death scam on the platform had previously gone viral.

Tom is the most recent to join the list of famous people who have experienced this, including Lil’ Jay, Eminem and others in the past.

Another ‘Tom Holland Dead’ probe

Rumors of Tom’s death began to spread online because of a post posted to a chunk of his Instagram account. This post included an image of the actor and the caption “Tom Holland 1996-2022”. Anyone looking at a photo for the first time can be fooled.

tom holland

For more credibility, the official declared Tom his favorite Spider-Man, adding that the actor has always been his hero. Also included is the hashtag “#liveanotherdayspiderman”.

With over 185,000 followers on the platform, it didn’t take long for your message to grab the attention of other users. This post has been shared with others and some have created their own modified images. As a result, the hashtag “RIP Tom Holland” was born.

The actor is still alive and healthy.

Tom is healthy and alive. Unfortunately, he was only a victim of the death fake that went viral on social media.

In fact, the photo circulated as a fake post is a photo the actor posted on Instagram a week ago. Tom mentioned a t-shirt from the Brothers Trust in it. NGOs want to pay attention to undervalued charities.

Tom tried to make money by selling merchandise to support various charities that have dedicated his time and effort to the cause.

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