What Happened to Yrma Lydya: Killed by Husband

Famous vocalist Yrma Lydya, who was shot and killed by her husband, received widespread media attention. Yrma Lydya’s brutal murder caused a shockwave in her music industry and beyond. The popular singer was shot and killed by her own husband, who also shot herself.
The couple’s three young children were present at the time of the incident and are now cared for by relatives. This tragic story has sparked a national conversation about domestic violence and its prevalence in society. What Happened to Yrma Lydya: Killed by Husband.

Irma Lydia Murder

The slain, talented and beautiful Lirma has built a distinguished career as a dancer, actress and singer, and has received several accolades, including honorary doctorates from the National Cultural Awards of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Who was Irma Lydia?

Yrma Lydya was a talented singer, dancer and actress who was killed by her lover. Lydya discovered her passion for singing when she was 6 years old and she loved the mariachi ranchera music played by mariachi. She is a fantastic musician with over 11 years of singing career and a strong passion for dance and acting.

Before retiring, Yrma performed in 6 plays, 10 telenovelas, the Royal Academy of Dance and other dance-related activities. Yrma is half Mexican and Caucasian. She said that Yrma refused to release information about her parents to the public, and she chose to keep it private instead.

Irma Lydia husband

Jesus Hernandez Alcocer opened fire on his wife Yrma Lydya on Thursday night at the “Suntory” restaurant in Colonia Del Valle, Calle Torres Adalid 14, in the office of Mayor Benito Juárez in Mexico City.

According to police, a second person was arrested in the process. That person is the driver who was with the reported attacker. Police also said that Mr. A shot and killed his wife three times while arguing with his wife at a private restaurant.

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Irma Lydia Death and Obituary

People were devastated by news of the tragic event and Yrma Lydya’s death on social media. The team behind Yrma Lydya Gamboa, who was murdered at the Suntory restaurant in Del Valle in Colonia del Valle on Thursday night, was overwhelmed by the response. Fans respect and admire Yrma and wish her soul to find peace.

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