What is a coatwet? Can everyone use it? Twitter New Feature Details

Twitter is working on a new feature in the app called the “CoTweet” feature. Social media accounts are always modifying the app and providing new features. Twitter is already making this CoTweet feature available to some users. This new feature allows you to actually engage one user while another is tweeting. However, this feature is not yet available to everyone.

Read ahead to learn more about the launch of CoTweet, a new feature on Twitter.

Twitter Introduces New Feature, CoTweet

Twitter has been working on a new feature called CoTweet for quite some time. There is something surprising about this feature for users. It actually allows one user to tweet something, and another user of the app to be the co-author of the tweet. Basically, it’s a feature for collaboration in Tweets.

This feature has some limitations. You will see options for the app. You can CoTweet with users, and only people who want to be added to a Tweet can add other users on Twitter. You should also check whether other users have public accounts and whether someone is following you to do CoTweet.

Twitter’s CoTweet feature is being tested.

Although Twitter’s CoTweet feature has ended. However, not all of them are available now. The reason is that social media accounts usually offer trial features to selected users when all goes well. Then everyone will be able to use it.

Therefore, some users are currently using this feature for their Twitter app. However, everyone can use it only if they pass the exam well. Therefore, the feature is currently only available to users in select regions of the United States, Korea and Canada.

Learn more about CoTweet features

The coTweet feature allows only one user to be added as a co-author at a time. You can also retweet posts and tweet quotes. However, it cannot be promoted except for the original author of the tweet. Who can pin their CoTweet?

Someone sent you an invitation to become a co-author, but you don’t want to be. You can then decline the invitation. In fact, you can even block the user if they don’t want to receive it again. Most importantly, after accepting the invitation, if you do not want to become a co-author on CoTweet, you have the option to cancel the invitation. After that, it becomes a regular tweet.

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