What is a ‘Taika Waititi Cate Blanchett meme’? Explanation

Taika Waititi has gone viral on the internet after jokingly answers some of the web’s most asked questions.

Recently, the actor sat down in WIRED magazine and took part in the iconic section of Google’s most asked questions.

During the beat, the 46-year-old film director was asked about the viral ‘Taika Waititi Cate Blanchett meme’. But what is it?

Here’s everything you need to know.

The description of ‘Taika Waititi Cate Blanchett meme’

Taika Waititi and Cate Blanchett are the characters in the meme that have been buzzing around on social media platforms for nearly five years. It started in October 2017.

The meme is an image of Waititi and Blanchett from the set of the MCU movie Thor: Ragnarok. In the film, Waititi plays Korgro and Blanchett plays Hela.

In the photo, Blanchett is wearing a full costume, while Waititi is seen wearing casual clothes since directing a Marvel movie.

In the photo, the two are looking down at a tablet device and having a conversation or rehearsing a movie line. Anyway, the photo quickly turned into a meme.

A funny message or caption is often added over a photo to add a comical effect. It is usually used to refer to a normal individual trying to impress or persuade a powerful being.

Taika Waititi reacts to viral ‘Taika Waititi Cate Blanchett meme’

On May 31st, WIRED’s YouTube channel shared an 8-minute clip answering Google’s most searched questions about Taika Waititi.

He was initially bewildered when he removed the sticker from the board and was asked about the ‘Taika Waititi Cate Blanchett meme’.

He said ‘Taika Waititi Cate Blanchett meme, what the hell is this?’

He soon realized that it was a funny meme that he had unintentionally introduced.

The New Zealand native goes on to say, ‘Oh, when I show her something on my iPad, people say, “When my wife comes home,” and you say, “Look how I did on Word”.’

He’s like, ‘Okay, yeah. I saw it. In fact, it was the same on set.’

Waititi also recalled the origins of the meme. He said: ‘I will be like this. And I want you to do this. Then it will look really cool. Because you will have a huge army of wolves and zombies.” “I could have taken a vacation last year,” says Blanchett.’



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