What is the Banana and Sprite Challenge? TikTok warns of trends.

TikTok spotted an old trend of banana and sprite challenges in apps that come with alerts. Well, we’ve seen a lot of this trend on TikTok with health warnings from experts. Don’t forget that iShowSpeed ​​has been trending lately too. It certainly didn’t go well with him.

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s Banana and Sprite challenge coming back with a warning.

The Banana and Sprite Challenge is back on the internet.

TikTok brings the banana and sprite challenge trend back to the app after years. Because there are users thinking about this trend. Although some have already tried this. Some people think that this could harm them in any way. That’s what TikTok warns about.

Well, this trend, formerly known as the Sprite Challenge, is to use bananas and sprites together. It has a direct impact on someone’s health. But many people are busy thinking about why they shouldn’t try this trend.

TikTok warns of banana and sprite challenges.

In the viral trend of bananas and sprites, you had to eat 2-3 bananas. Along with this, the sprite should also be drunk on the fly. However, the impact of this trend has a serious impact on health. This is why TikTok warns of this trend.

If you eat a banana and drink the sprite right away. This can fill your stomach more than you think. Either way it will make you throw. Alternatively, anyone trying this trend may burp a lot because their belly feels too much.

@perrieedwards Please wait till the end 😂😂 #SpriTech Challenge #trynottoburp #fyp @ellieehemmingss ♬ Original Sound – Perry Edwards 🖤

iShowSpeed ​​tried the Banana and Sprite Challenge.

Meanwhile, TikTok is warning about the health effects of the banana and sprite challenge. Recently YouTuber iShowSpeed ​​also tried this trend. But even for him, the trend was not as good as expected.

iShowSpeed ​​ate bananas and drank sprites. But he didn’t get along well with him because he eventually vomited. It wasn’t that the digestive system was so uncomfortable that I even called 911. So this trend should not be attempted. Because users can get sick after trying it.

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