What is the TikTok AI Death Prediction Filter? Trend Description

Among the viral trends and challenges of TikTok, we found a new trend for predicting death using AI. Well, even in the past we have seen numerous trends using AI. However, this latest trend in predicting death using AI is terrifying for many.

Read ahead to learn more about AI death prediction trends that are gaining popularity on TikTok.

AI death prediction trend, word of mouth on TikTok

TikTok is getting a lot of new trends. Some of them are amazing to try. Some of them didn’t get a good response from users. Well, of all these trends, recently we have a few related to AI. AI Filter uses AI to create art.

AI mortality prediction trends are similar. This trend is to use a unique filter that can make predictions about death. Although the filter is going viral. Many of them thought this filter was scary to look at.

Why did the AI ​​death prediction filter go viral on TikTok?

The Viral AI Death Prediction Filter allows users to type a phrase or text into the filter’s search bar. The AI ​​then creates art from predicting his own death. Despite the filters that make some users try. Some of them definitely didn’t like the filter.

Not long ago we saw another AI trend in vogue that uses AI to create amazing art. Although not as scary as the AI ​​death prediction filter trend. The reaction of users to the trend that should not be missed is clear.

User Response to AI Death Prediction Trends

Users love to try out trends on TikTok that excite them. However, not all trends are so exciting to try. Some of them may surprise you or even harm you. So the same goes for AI death prediction filters. Users showed mixed reactions.

Some users liked the art generated by the filter to predict death. Some certainly haven’t tried this filter. The reason may have been the art and death predictions made by the filter. Don’t forget that you can report trends or videos that you see are inappropriate to you or that violate the terms and conditions of the platform.

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