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TikTok has gained a lot of attention viral trend of ‘girl friend at home’. Well, we’ve seen tons of TikTok trends that are hard to miss. In fact, the trends on TikTok are diverse. Recently we got a new trend for women you should know. So, what is the trend of a girlfriend who is only in this house?

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s word-of-mouth girlfriend trend.

TikTok gets a new trend of girlfriends at home.

TikTok is gaining various trends in its app. We had a lot of dance and lip sync trends on the app. Now TikTok is getting bigger and bigger. Recently, we discovered one of the trending home girlfriends in our app. It’s all riding word of mouth in the app.

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As the name suggests, this trend is about girlfriends or women. This has caused a lot of debate on the Internet. Similar to this trend, women are sharing their lifestyle on short video sharing platforms. while they are having fun at home.

Why is a girlfriend at home popular?

In the trend of having a girlfriend at home, women are showing their life as if they were at home. Some of them are showing themselves as housewives with wealthy partners. Some return home and become partners with another rich man, leading a luxurious life.

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However, this trend is widespread among women who prefer to stay at home. Because their partner earns enough for both. The app is also controversial. It is definitely not something to be missed on TikTok.

Users’ reactions to the trend of girlfriend at home

On TikTok, the trend of ‘at-home girlfriend’ is attracting attention. Many users have had the same reaction. Some consider it an anti-feminist who promotes an ideology with a different trend. But some even say that this promotes the idea that women depend on their partners for finances.

Meanwhile, some TikTok users are also supporting this trend. The trends they believe show that women like to be housewives. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what the trend is for, especially as a response, in the app.

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