What is TikTok’s “Healthy Coke” made of? Netizens on drinks made with balsamic vinegar

As TikTok offers a unique trend or challenge to try each time, the latest trend comes with Tiktok’s “Healthy Coke” trend. Yes, this new trend is unique and the response to it is getting more and more popular. So what is this “healthy cola” trend?

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s new viral trend “Healthy Coke”.

Healthy Coke is heating up the internet.

Over time, we’ve seen TikTok gain in popularity with some unique trends and challenges that drive everyone crazy. We have seen its user base grow significantly. An app trend that is gaining popularity recently is the health cola trend. This trend is actually a recipe-related trend. We are spreading the virus throughout our app.

Trending on the app, this healthy cola drink is everything we normally drink to replace the Coca-Cola drink. But its ingredients are something users cannot overcome. It’s literally driving everyone crazy. If you haven’t encountered it yet. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Why is Healthy Coke so popular on TikTok?

Everyone has probably tasted regular Coca-Cola at least once. However, this new trend is actually replacing regular drinks with healthy ones. Those two ingredients are balsamic vinegar and sparkling water.

If you mix balsamic vinegar and carbonated water, you get the same color as regular Coke in the TikTok video. It has gained popularity among TikTok users. We have some users who give it a try and give a response that is hard to miss.

A reaction to the healthy cola trend

Many users are literally wondering about the healthy cola trend. We gave TikTok users a chance to try it out for themselves. Some people thought Coke was a good substitute for Coke, a low-calorie drink. Some people have said that it’s not good at all to try.

Some TikTokers have said that it looks and tastes like regular cola. Others have said that the vinegar doesn’t smell like coke at all. It makes netizens swear even on the internet.

@nutritionbykylie Final thoughts on this viral trend at the end (OG video is @Amanda Jones) #healthy cola ♬ Monkey Spinning Monkey – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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