What to do before ‘Destiny 2’ Secret season 17 drops tomorrow

As we sit and wait for Bungie’s last minute season 17 If you want to do a few things on your final checklist before the season starts tomorrow in Destiny 2, here’s a long list of random things you can do if you want to prepare in one of several different ways.

The story is unknown, but we know some basics about the general Destiny 2 season preparation and a few other changes to come.

Resilient Armor Concentrate – I’m not saying a set or anything like it is an outright masterpiece, but changing the resilience to dramatically reduce flinch can be a significant boost and you might want a set for PvP or specific builds. Also recharges barricades faster, especially on Titan. You can use the Ghost shell mod to focus on the Umbrals of Risen seasonal armor. I routinely get 25+ Res armor and hitting 100 this way should be easy.

Relevance-enhanced weapon injection – Depending on whether your team is Solar or Arc 3.0, you can start infusion from 1350 to 1550+ if your favorite weapon of that element is in your vault. But even if that’s not the case, we know that many weapons like Skyburner’s Oath, Prometheus Lens, and Xenophage are receiving buffs that are worth a try, regardless of the factor. Machine guns and tracking rifles are also getting an overall buff, with hints that there will be an anti-champion mod this season.

save test engrams – Old trick, but in a good way. At the start of the new season, you should be able to stack up your trial engrams and switch to Rahool to potentially get new Fusions, sidearms, or the three new armor sets that are known to be released this season.

bounty stack – Bungie has somewhat curbed this recently, but you can use the bounty stack to quickly get through the bottom levels of the season pass. You can usually unlock boosts for seasonal activity and get early access to some weapons. When submitting this, remember that if your Ghost has an XP booster and can swing it too, there is a fireteam XP bonus.

Elemental Well Build – I would consider building a loose framework of solar or arc elemental wells on your character. Complete with any solar or arc exotic you want to use (as I said, I’m still leaning towards solar 3.0). As void 3.0 shows, elemental well builds that much Right now it’s for big boosts and ability recharges. And I have to imagine that the same will be true for the sun or the arc, no matter what the new aspect and shards do.

Transmog bounty complete – Use or lose. There are only 10 free per season, so if you have the time, it’s a good idea to scrape the last few.

stack crafting currency – We know that if all season and dungeon weapons use that system, you can get more than a dozen new weapons that can be crafted this season. So with 10,000 Neutral Elements and 10 Ascendant Alloys in stock, you instantly get all the perks you want from your initial favorites. Of course, you can also save the finished red frame to the safe for even more extra features. is This time, we’re getting 100 more vault spaces, so it’s less of a feeling than before.

OK, that’s all I’ve been working on. obviously you don’t have If you do one of these and just… you can play normally when the season comes, but if you want to be prepared in some way that isn’t a waste of time then go here.

see you tomorrow. It’ll be wild.

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