When I Met Your Mother, actor Neil Patrick Harris once again sparked a backlash over a photo of the Amy Winehouse cake featuring the reappearance.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris has been criticized by netizens for a photo he took 11 years ago.

NPH is facing a massive backlash from online users after photos of Amy Winehouse cakes at a 2011 Halloween party resurfaced on the Internet.

The controversial cake is believed to have been made almost three months after Winehouse passed away at the age of 27.

In 2011, Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s husband, Justin Mikita, tweeted a picture to her Twitter account. But shortly after Mikita, a controversial photo of the cake began to catch fire.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Neil Patrick Harris’ cake featuring Amy Winehouse makes the news.

The origins of Neil Patrick Harris’ Halloween party cake are uncertain. However, the photo caused a lot of controversy on the internet about seeing the light.

Photos tested by Justin Mikita show Amy Winehouse’s corpse showing broken and decaying plates.

It is said that the cakes were displayed on a tray that looked like a stretcher. It is believed that it came with a note that read ‘Amy Winehouse’s corpse’.

The controversial cake portrayed a rehab artist dead. It captures the appearance of the late musician with his rotting eyes and tongue sticking out of his mouth.

The surreal cake even showed a skin pattern that mimics decay covering her body. Additionally, there is an autopsy scar on her chest area, which could depict the wounds the Winehouse received after her death.

Netizens react to photos of Neil Patrick Harris’ Amy Winehouse cake making a comeback

Numerous fans took to various social media platforms to show Neil Patrick Harris serving up the nasty corpse cake.

One cake critic commented on the photo, ‘What’s wrong with Neil Patrick Harris? I’m so anxious.’

Reddit users say, ‘Wow. This is so inappropriate. The chin fell.’

Another user pointed out, ‘I didn’t know the cake had that graphic, but it’s so sick.’

One Twitter user said, “I literally feel nauseated after seeing that. It’s so wrong and it doesn’t taste good.’

This painting reappeared several times over the years. Whenever the 48-year-old star gets huge hatred from his fans and social media users.

Many Twitter users described the photo as “insensitive and disgusting.”

Users were even more upset and disgusted by the fact that the actor had a cake on display just months after Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning.


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