When is the King Sejong Institute vs Alex Wasabi match? ticket price

I’m looking forward to a boxing match that could be better than a fight between Alex Wassabi and KSI. Yes, the popular YouTuber is ready to put on his boxing gloves to fight his upcoming opponent. Well, unless you want to miss the KSI vs. Alex Wassabi fight. Here are all the updates on their fight.

More details on the KSI vs. Alex Wassabi fight will be coming soon, along with other details.

King Sejong Institute vs Alex Wasabi Match Date

Alex and KSI have worn boxing gloves before. Occasionally KSI fought Logan Paul. Although the match went into a draw none of them could win. Meanwhile, King Sejong Institute also fought with Alex’s older brother, Desi. Where King Sejong Institute emerged as the winner.

Now, this time King Sejong Institute is going to face off in the boxing ring with Alex Wasabi. It is also exciting for all fans of Wasabi and King Sejong Institute. So we could get a two-man showdown soon on August 27th. The venue will be London’s O2 Stadium.

PPV Options for KSI vs. Alex Wassabi Fight

If you want to watch the match between King Sejong Institute and Alex Wasabi. But you don’t want to go out to see it. Then we have options for that too. Because you can see the fight between Alex and King Sejong Institute on TV. But do you know how? So, here’s how.

The showdown between Alex and King Sejong Institute can be viewed on DAZN pay-per-view. Monthly subscription is $19.99 in the US. In the UK it is £7.99. $20 in Canada. Get an annual subscription for $99.99 in the US. It’s $150 in Canada.

Tickets to watch the Alex vs. KSI match

For those who want to see the match between King Sejong Institute and Alex Wasabi in person. To do so, you must bring the same ticket. So you can get a ticket that can be used on axs.com.

Ticket prices range from £26 to £1323. For VIP ringside seating. Meanwhile, it opens at 18:30pm (BST).

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