When will Fantastic Beasts 3 come out on HBO Max? What you need to know

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secret It hit theaters on April 15th. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented wave of theatrical films being released on streaming services concurrently with theatrical release, along with serious disruption to new films. HBO MaxStreaming every Warner Bros. movie on the same day it opened in theaters last year, this has become synonymous with the practice.

HBO Max is the main place people associate with streaming Harry Potter movies. when you do that Fantastic Beasts Dictionary 3 It was released last month and many fans started paying attention.HBO Max You can stream.

However Dumbledore’s Secret It has only played in theaters since its release, and HBO Max has yet to confirm a streaming release date. Here’s what you need to know about when to expect:

Can Fantastic Beasts 3 be streamed on HBO Max?

No, but it will.

Dumbledore’s Secret was initially released exclusively in cinemas. Distributed by Warner Bros. run by companies like HBO Max. However, HBO Max is all Warner Bros. Ended the practice of streaming releases the same day they show on HBO Max. Some movies may get a Max release the same day, but Dumbledore’s Secret isn’t one of them.

When will Dumbledore’s Secrets be streamed?

HBO Max will eventually be the first place Fantastic Beasts 3 can be streamed, but the company has yet to confirm a date.

However, it will most likely land on HBO Max around May 30th. Warner Bros. has committed to making its films exclusively available in theaters for at least 45 days. There’s no obligation to put the film on HBO Max as soon as those 45 days are over, but that’s what I did for Batman, the last big theatrical release. Assuming Dumbledore’s Secret gets the same 45-day treatment, it will be available to stream on HBO Max at the end of May, possibly May 31.

Is streaming ‘free’?

Since HBO Max requires a paid subscription, none of the services are literally free. However, HBO Max has never charged an extra fee to watch a movie on the service. It has two tiers, and when the movie was streamed the same day it opened in theaters, same-day release was “paid” behind the more expensive plans. However, Dumbledore’s Secret is expected to be available to all HBO Max subscribers.

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