Where do you spend the most commuting to work? These US cities are the most expensive for gas

New York City is known as one of the most expensive places to work and live. But for now, it’s not the most expensive place to commute, as many people can get to the city without a car and thus don’t necessarily feel the impact of high gasoline prices.

The average price per gallon of gasoline in the United States reached a new high with the average price of AAA averaged $4.45. Naturally, some states pay much higher than that, and even within a state, prices can vary significantly by location and zip code. However, if we classify the cities with the highest commuting costs by current gasoline prices, Clever’s new researchCities with the highest cost of living like New York don’t make the top 15, according to an online real estate brokerage service.

Annual commuting cost as a percentage of average income, annual fuel cost of commuting per resident per working day, annual time lost due to traffic and congestion, annual commuting maintenance cost, commuting distance, average annual premium, potential annual income lost to commuting, time to work , the average miles per hour achieved during commuting, Clever surprisingly found that all five cities on the list are currently paying the highest average price per gallon in the same state (California).

According to AAA, currently the average cost of a gallon of gasoline in California is $5.93, and Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento all make the top 10 most expensive commuting cities. Located east of Los Angeles and south of San Bernardino, Riverside actually tops the list, and Clever estimates that people in the city spend about $1,225 a year commuting. Los Angeles came in third with a cost of $1,211, and San Diego came in fifth with a cost of $1,156. San Francisco came in 7th with annual cost of $1,077, while Sacramento was in the top 10 with $1,309.

The other states with cities with the highest average gasoline prices were Arizona (Phoenix second with $1,224), Illinois (Chicago eighth with $1,058) and Washington (Seattle 12th). total cost of $1,001). Washington, D.C., where gasoline prices are higher, also ranks 15th with an annual commuting cost of $903.

Other cities in the states that made the list but had the lowest average price per gallon were Houston (#6: $1,080), Dallas (#9: $1,055), Nashville ($1,019), and Detroit (#13). $989) and Birmingham, Alabama (#14 in #924).

The most surprising ranking came with regard to Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia ranks fourth on the list with an annual commuting cost of $1,180. However, Georgia is currently the cheapest state for gas in the United States, with an average price of $3.97 per gallon.

A US Postal Service worker fastens seat belts after packing luggage into a vehicle at a gas station in Garden Grove, California, USA on March 29, 2022. Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake

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