Where to Buy Corona Capital 2022 Festival Tickets, Dates and Lineup

While there are many announcements about musical festivals and tours, the most recent one is from the Corona Capital 2022 festival. Yes, the festival is going on this year and we’ve already removed a major update on what fans expect. If that gives you a bit of excitement to see what’s going to happen with this festival. Here’s what we know about it.

Read ahead to learn more about Corona Capital 2022 and other details.

Corona Capital 2022 release date announced

2022 will be a year of revival for almost everything. Because we didn’t have many festivals and tours due to the epidemic. This year we’ve seen music artists come out to perform on tours and festivals. So it’s on the list of events happening this year. Now, one more has been added as the Corona Capital 2022 Festival.

Well, if you’re thinking about when this festival will start, you’re heading towards the end of the year. Yes, the Corona Capital 2022 Festival will start from November 18th to November 20th. So this winter will be all about the Corona Capital 2022 festivities with an amazing lineup this year.

Corona Capital 2022 lineup

Now, the most special part of Corona Capital 2022 is the lineup. At this time we will do a lot of great performances. But if I have to name a few of the most special, they should be Arctic Monkeys, My Chemical Romance, and Miley Cyrus.

Additionally, we’ll also see Corona Capital 2022 coming with Paramore, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You will see more with Lil Nas X, Brian Wilson, Phoebe Bridgers, Liam Gallagher, 1975, Run The Jewels, Bright Eyes, Father John Misty, Girl In Red, Cucu, Chai, and more.

Ticket Availability for Corona Capital 2022

If the Corona Capital 2022 lineup gave excitement. Then you should check the ticket details for the festival as soon as possible. Therefore, tickets for Corona Capital 2022 will be available for purchase from around 11am on June 13th.

Also, if you want to check out the full list of performances at the festival. Then check out the same on the festival’s social media pages. However, tickets will be available for purchase on the Ticketmaster website starting June 13th. You can also check the price and category of tickets on the website.

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