Where to buy Elon Musk’s ‘Burnt Hair’ perfume? price disclosure

Tesla’s Elon Musk has now launched his own perfume, “Burnt Hair”, in the perfume industry as well. Well, recently Musk put out the news about his new perfume, marking his new venture that people weren’t aware of. If yes, you are willing to try this perfume. Then here are all the updates.

Read ahead to find out more about how Elon Musk has launched his own perfume “Burnt Hair”.

Elon Musk and his growing empire

Elon Musk was a man who had grown enormously with all his business. It doesn’t matter if it’s his Tesla company or the SpaceX company. He has greatly grown all his businesses. In addition, the article that he had a relationship with his own Twitter drew attention. But now he seems to be growing his business empire even bigger.

Both Tesla and SpaceX made Musk a globally recognized entrepreneur. But amidst all this and success following Musk. We got him into a different industry that people didn’t think of. As he recently announced about it.

Elon Musk introduces his perfume “Burnt Hair”.

Besides what Elon Musk is known for. He recently made an announcement that surprised everyone. I hope this month the Tesla man on Twitter unveils his perfume “Burnt Hair”. He changed his Twitter bio by adding “Perfume Salesman”.

Also, on October 11th, he shared his new venture into the perfume industry. He called his burnt hair perfume “the best fragrance on earth.” This perfume from Musk is offered under the brand Boring Company. Meanwhile, he added to his post, “I had no choice but to jump into the perfume business with a name like me.”

Find out more about the perfume “Burnt Hair”

Apart from the name of the perfume “Burnt Hair”. There are also websites that show it. Where you can see the red glass bottle. Above it you will see “Burnt Hair” written in silver in cursive handwriting. It says “Signed” in bold.

Perfume’s website states that the smell of perfume is “the essence of disgusting desire.” The price of the perfume is $100. Already 10,000 bottles of perfume have been sold. However, delivery of the perfume will only take place “Q1 2023”. For payments, Musk is also keeping cryptocurrency options available.

Twitter fans reaction

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