Where to Buy Hallyu Pop Fest Sydney 2022 Tickets, Prices and Lineup

Fans of the k-pop world will want to see Hallyu Pop Fest 2022. Amid many festivals this year. You are definitely missing out on the fun of k-pop. This is the reason why you should not miss this year’s Hallyu Pop Fest. Just in case there is no update yet. Then we are here to help. So, what can you expect from the 2022 Hallyu Pop Fest?

Read ahead to learn more about Hallyu Pop Fest 2022 and other details.

2022 Hallyu Popfest Schedule Announced

Hallyu Pop Fest has always been a favorite event for K-pop fans. So again this time it’s arriving for everyone if you want to see it. Here are the dates. This is because the festival has already started on August 13 this year. The first day surprised everyone with an amazing lineup.

The Sydney part of Hallyu Fest was held on August 13th and 14th. Although tickets to the event were sold out. You can still see the festival. Here’s a way to keep up with the Sydney part of the event. Not to be missed, there was already an event for the London Festival in July.

What is the lineup for the 2022 Sydney Hallyu Pop Fest?

The first day of Hallyu Pop Fest Sydney was held on August 13th. With messages from K-pop celebrities, P1 Harmony, SF9, Everglow, Chungha, and Chen performed stages. There were also other performances on the 14th.

Photo courtesy of Han Myung-goo/WireImage

This is because the second day event started at 7pm EST/5pm EST. Where Kep1er performed at 7pm EST. Oneus was performing at 7:30 pm EST. OH MY GIRL at 8pm (AEST), Astro at 8:30pm (AEST) while KAI performs at 9pm (AEST) and FINALE (AEST) at 9:30pm. But even if you missed all of this, there is a way to see it.

How do you see the 2022 Sydney Hallyu Popfest?

For everyone who missed the Sydney part of the Korean Wave Pop Fest. There are ways to see some great performances at the event. You can watch it on the Korean Wave Popfest YouTube channel. The channel has streaming events that show you everything about events.

So you can always watch the festival’s official YouTube channel and watch the full event.

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