Where to buy Hasbulla Australia Tour 2022 tickets, prices and dates

Introducing Hasbulla Australia Tour 2022, there’s something special for all of you. Yes, the Russian star arrives with his own tour and his fans are raving about it. Well, if you too want to know when that happens. Then get all the updates here. So, what to expect from Hasbulla Australia Tour 2022?

Read ahead to learn more about Hasbulla Australia Tour 2022 and other details.

Hasbulla Australia Tour 2022 Date Announced

Russian celebrity Hasbulla arrives this year with her own tour of Australia. He started gaining popularity on TikTok and other social media accounts. His unusual appearance and martial arts skills made him famous. So, this time, we come to our fans on an Australian tour.

Hopefully, we got an update on this too. So we are ready to have Hasbulla Magomedov in Australia in August and September of this year. Yes, his tour starts on August 29th. After all, it also happens on August 30th and 31st. There is also a Hasbulla event on September 1st.

What’s special about the 2022 Hasbulla Australia Tour?

On 29 and 30 August Hasbulla will be at Le Montage in Sydney. But on the 31st, we will meet him at Melbourne’s Timberyard. On September 1st he will also be at Melbourne Timberyards. This meetup for an internet sensation will be fun for all his fans.

However, it was announced that Hasbulla would not be photographed with his female fan. The reason is his personal and cultural beliefs. However, she can get ticket details to attend his tour.

Ticket availability for Hasbulla Australia Tour 2022

Tickets for the show can be purchased through the Hour Group. The categories of tickets will be first release, second release and final release.

So the prices would be $249, $299, and $349 respectively. However, the sale date is June 30, 9:00 AM AEST. You can access your tickets on Hour Group’s website. So, don’t miss out and get your tickets early.

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