Where to Buy Kehlani Australia and New Zealand Tour 2022 Tickets and Dates

Popular star Kehlani is a highlight these days. One is her album Blue Water Road and the other is the tour of the same name that is now extended. She delighted all her fans with the news that the tour supporting her latest album will provide them a good time. But now with the extension of the tour, the fun will be even greater.

Read ahead to learn more about Kehlani and the expansion for upcoming tours.

Kehlani and her extended tour release date

Kehlani’s fans are happy with her streak of releases and announcements this year. Her Bluewater Road Trip this year is what her fans are most looking forward to. It was to take her fans on a 43-day tour around North America and Europe.

Kehlani’s tour begins on July 30 this year in theaters in North America and Europe. But as the trip is extended. So some of her performances will happen in January of next year. It starts on January 20th.

A place for the upcoming Kehlani extended trip

Apart from pre-planned tours to tour cities in North America and Europe. The expanded part of it comes as an added delight for Kehlani’s fans. Therefore, she added New Zealand and Australian venues to the tour as well. So if you want to know where the new place is. Here we know about it.

Because Auckland was also added to the tour. So, on January 20th, Auckland’s Spark Arena will take place. Then eventually there will be locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. So this time the trip will be long. It covers the entire January next year.

Ticket details for the extended tour of kehlani

Join Kehlani’s upcoming tour with Rico Nasty and Destin Conrad. Fans wonder when tour tickets will be available. Especially when it is extended to next year. The Live Nation pre-sale will start soon, from 11:00 AM AEST on June 1st to 8:00 AM AEST on June 3rd.

If you’re looking for general sales, it starts June 3rd and is available from 9am. Auckland and Perth tickets are on Ticketmaster. Tickets for other venues are on Live Nation. You can find more information about this on Kehlani’s Twitter page.

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