While the UN removes Amber Heard from the page, netizens oppose the ACLU supporting her.

Amber Heard is removed from the UN Human Rights Commission. This comes after she lost a sensational libel lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The actress’s name removed from the UN page came after Internet users criticized the ACLU for retaining Heard’s ambassadorship.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Amber Heard fired from UN Commission on Human Rights

On June 24, a Reddit user named u/ReviewEquivalent1266 revealed that the UN Human Rights Commission had ‘finally removed’ Amber Heard’s page from its website.

The Post also added that the organization may have decided that the 36-year-old star was ‘no longer fit to be an advocate for victims of domestic violence’.

The Reddit post was accompanied by an official notice from the High Commissioner for the United Nations Office for Human Rights.

Immediately after the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights broke up with Amber Heard, the United Nations sided with the victims of domestic violence, regardless of the victims’ gender identity.

Nevertheless, going further in the post, the user explained that it was a meme.

The UN has not yet issued a statement on whether or not to remove the Aquaman actress from the ambassadorship.

Moreover, although Heard’s UN page is currently invisible, the organization continues to follow the actress on Instagram.

Netizens denounce ACLU for supporting Amber Heard and demand her sacking from ambassadorship

After a Reddit post went viral on the Internet, several netizens opposed the ACLU and fired Amber Heard as ambassador.

Heard is the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Ambassador, specifically against gender-based violence.

Several users have visited the social media site for a rally against the actress. However, some users celebrated the UN ending its relationship with Heard.

One user said, ‘ACLU likes to receive money. ‘Anyone can be a champion,’ even the abuser.

Another said ‘Your turn ACLU. I’ve already lost her respect for them, but if they want to keep her reputation, they’ll have to get rid of her.’

One Twitter user said: “The United Nations High Commissioner has announced that he and Amber Heard have broken up. They will still represent the true victims. ACLU It’s time to stop paying the abuser $33,000$$$$ per conversation. Dirty, dirty hypocrites.’

During the six-week trial, Heard confessed that he had not yet donated the divorce settlement money to the ACLU, as promised in a previous interview.



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