White Sox’s Tim Anderson said Josh Donaldson was trying to provoke him with “Jackie” remarks.

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson said Tuesday it was clear that Josh Donaldson was trying to rattle him when the New York Yankees third baseman called him “Jackie”. Remarks that made Donaldson suspended for one game Major League Baseball.

Anderson and White Sox manager Tony La Russa said earlier that Donaldson was racist when he referred to black Anderson as the name of a man who broke the color barrier in baseball.

Donaldson appealed the disciplinary action and denied there was any racist intent. He said the comment was a quote from a 2019 Sports Illustrated interview where Anderson said he considers himself a modern-day Robinson.

“He was trying to provoke me,” Anderson said before the White Sox faced Boston on Tuesday. “But he knew what he was doing.”

After Donaldson’s remarks, the bench and bullpen were empty.

lakh: It’s easy to stop Donaldson. Changing the way you think is a real challenge.

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Anderson said he did not have a strong opinion on the MLB decision to discipline Donaldson and impose an undisclosed amount of fines. Anderson confirmed in 2019 that Donaldson had a short conversation in which he called him “Jackie.”

“He said so,” Anderson said. “I told him, ‘We don’t have to talk again. I won’t tell you. If that’s the way you refer to me, you don’t tell me.’

“I know he knows exactly what he is doing. I already told him. He went to Minnesota 2-3 years ago and doesn’t say anything to me because he knows I’ve already mentioned it. And we get into it (May 13). He slammed it back, so I pushed him away from me. So what? “I felt the need to say it again,” he said.

Anderson pushed Donaldson after a hard tag in Chicago on May 13, which also emptied the bench.

Chicago White Sox's Tim Anderson (right) tries to return to third base next to New York Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson during the first inning of a baseball game in Chicago on Friday, May 13, 2022.  (AP Photo/Nam Y. What)

Yankees manager Aaron Boone and team leader Aaron Judge said it was wrong for Donaldson to ridicule Anderson in that way.

Verified records: Donaldson is controversial both on and off the pitch.

Donaldson was absent from the Yankees after testing positive for COVID-19 on Monday, just before the suspension. Boone expected Donaldson to have a lot of reflection, and said the remarks wouldn’t cause tension in a New York clubhouse where some of Donaldson’s teammates were black.

“People are always changing, evolving and wanting to get better. Some people are more provocative than others. Some are quiet, some are extroverts, and everyone is a little different, but no one can evolve, change and grow. “

Anderson admitted that he got extra satisfaction by hitting a home run in his win game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday night.

“cool.” Anderson said. “It helped motivate me a little bit more. We saw what happened. But it’s cool. I’ll take whatever he tells me. That’s great.”

“I need something to motivate me.”

White Sox general manager Rick Hahn said Anderson’s home run was “the best response you could have.”

The “Jackie” reference to Donaldson’s claim was an inside joke, and Anderson said, “I know the truth. I know what it is.”

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