Who are Chris and Calvin LaMont’s parents?

Dallas’ most successful real estate twin entrepreneurs, Chris and Calvin LaMont, will be debuting their program soon. With a Buy It or Build It duo, customers can choose to have their sibling build a new home or renovate an existing one to suit their needs.

The client then decides whether they want a new home or a house they have previously lived in. Construction and planning are the passions of active project workers. Appreciation of the building helps to create a wonderful A-One Residence. Who are Chris and Calvin LaMont’s parents?

Meet the twins Chris and Calvin LaMont

Jamaican-born Chris and Calvin LaMont are gearing up for their HGTV series debut. According to the twins website, the contractor is a native of Jamaica. According to the twins’ website, they moved to Dallas, Texas 10 years ago with big plans for the future.

The couple went to Lehigh University in 2007, where they founded CWC Restoration & Construction, a cleaning and floor cleaning company, in 2010, and started renovating and turning their home three years later. They started their careers as real estate developers and builders. Calvin LaMont was a three-time national football letterman at school. They have a daughter. Chris LaMont has two sons, Jayden Kash and Chris Jr.

Parents of twins Chris and Calvin LaMont

The parents of Chris and Calvin are unknown. The identity of the parents has not been publicly stated. Lamont twin boys have unique connections from birth. Indistinguishable twins share a life from the moment they are born.

In the US, a pair of twins from New York have been trending on Twitter recently with HGTV’s BuyItOrBuildIt hosting. In Dallas, Texas, an approved twin brother’s salaried worker arrived 10 years ago. The twin brothers became famous contractors as a result of new inventions, thinking, and foundations.

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Chris and Calvin LaMont Net Worth

As a self-buy or build, Chris and Calvin Lamont may have a lot of overall assets. Still, self-sufficient twins cannot pass on income, benefits, or total wealth. According to Cellebrilla, they are most likely to own about $5 million in total assets. They host Discovery’s new six-part extended home improvement series, Buy It Or Build It.

Chris and Calvin Lamont FAQ

  • Do Chris and Calvin have the same job?
  • Yes, both are contract workers.
  • Do they have the same house?
  • No, there is another house.
  • How many children do you have?
  • Chris has two sons and Calvin has one daughter.
  • Are they from the same parents?
  • No, their parents are unknown. The identity of the parents has not been publicly stated.

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