Who are Domo and Danny? Age, Height, Net Worth, Weight, Wiki, Biography, Husband, Boyfriend

Right now, in this article, we’re going to reveal the curtain on one of the famous duo identical twins named Domo and Danny. They are considered famous twins belonging to the United States.

Domo and Danny are US-based aspiring identical twins who have built global stardom. It gained early fame for showing off amazing and creative content on several social media forums, including Instagram and TikTok.

In addition to this, the two identical twins also gained fame by posting vlogs and short comedy reels on YouTube forums. Currently, the duo twins have garnered millions of followers on various social media forums.

Domo and Danny Biography/Wiki

At this point, no information has yet been released regarding the age and birthday of the identical twins. Knowing more about them, Domo and Danny were born in a Central American Christian family from an American city.

But nevertheless, emerging social media influencers have not yet shared important information regarding educational qualifications.

real name Domo and Danny
nickname glow twins
place of birth USA
birthday not found
zodiac sign not found
nationality American
job Social Media Influencers and Video Content Creators

Domo and Danny’s Age/Birthday

There is no important information regarding the age and birthday of identical twins. But nevertheless, we do our best to find important information related to their age and birthday.

Domo and Danny

Domo and Danny’s height and weight

Talking about Domo and Danny’s looks, she 5 feet 7 inches tall and weight 49 kg. her hair color is Black color and the color of her eyes Brown. They have gained amazing and glamorous bodies.

Early fame of Domo and Danny
The company’s prominent social media influencers, Domo and Danny

Early fame of Domo and Danny

Domo and Danny have loved making videos and acting since childhood. So, to make this passion and dream a reality, we initially chose several social media platforms to spread our affection. After that, gradually they gained instant fame in their own country.

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When we started our social media journey, we focused on launching amazing prank videos and comedy-related content on YouTube. Aside from gaining fame, he has also focused on performing dance and lip sync videos on Instagram, Later and TikTok. Currently, the twins have hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers.

Early fame of Domo and Danny
Domo and Danny and her twin friends

Domo and Danny’s YouTube

Identical twins, on the other hand, have created a YouTube channel on . December 2, 2014, The twins’ motivation for creating the account was to garner huge fan followers and popularity around the world. They even want to entertain fans around the world with their comedy, skincare and prank videos.

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Their first video was shared by her. 11/11/2017 Part 1 Q&A / Do we like boys or girls?, now this particular video has garnered millions of viewers. By then, as of 2022, the charming twins had a massive fan base of over 235,000.

Domo and Danny Youtube
Domo and Danny photo shoot

Domo and Danny Videos and Vlogs

Nevertheless, the twins shared countless videos including It’s Twin Nem😍🤞🏽😭 GVO *Challenge 11/11/2017, Glo Twins and Cookie Making Dec 25, 2017, Our Ordinary Daily Practice Jan 20, 2018, What’s in your mouth *Challenge Jan 21, 2018, Boxing Training Domo deleted Danny on February 17, 2018. Why did you lie to me? video February 26, 2018, Others.

In addition to the video, the couple shared numerous vlogs, including: Daily Vlog😌 (must read) March 5, 2021 Daily Shopping V☺️ Must-see (I think he likes us😳) September 3, 2020 Countdown to 2021 New Years 🎆 Vlog!🖤 January 3, 2021 Sun Brace Vlog😳😬 February 22, 2020 Gun Range Vlog (GOT PULLED OVER & ALMOST KICKED OUT), Asiaaabtw Leaves For Prom Vlog *Baddie😍🥵, Domo Surgery Day😬 (It Went Well), Happy Heavenly Birthday Abuela ( Vlog), Domo/Her Q&A How did you meet girlfriend💍?👀Others.

Domo and Danny Instagram and TikTok
Domo and Danny celebrating 100+ k fans

Domo and Danny’s Instagram and TikTok

I chose Instagram forum to promote videos and content along with brand promotion. In 2020, the twins created an Instagram account and shared their post on October 5, 2020. Currently, Domo and Danny have accumulated thousands of followers on their respective channels.

Instagram stars and video content creators Domo and Danny have also been hugely popular on social media platforms, TikTok and Facebook. On TikTok, they have thousands of followers and often share short videos of their travels, adventures and everyday life.

Domo and Danny’s net worth and income

As of 2022, Domo and Danny’s net worth and earnings can be calculated as follows: two million dollars. The main sources of revenue are estimated brand endorsements, advertising and social media platforms.

Domo and Danny Family / Siblings and Relatives

So far, the prominent twins have yet to share factual information regarding their family and siblings. However, we are conducting a full investigation into their families and will inform you soon.

Domo and Danny’s Relationship / Boyfriend and Husband

To date, there is no definitive information regarding the couple’s relationship and boyfriend publicly available. We will update you as soon as they share reliable information about their personal life.

Also read these interesting facts:

  • Domo and Danny are from the United States.
  • They love to travel, sing and dance.
  • They are very fashionable and can often be seen wearing different colored customs.
  • Twins were born every 4 minutes.
  • They are one of the rising and prominent twins belonging to the United States.

social media


Do Domo and Danny drink alcohol? Yes
does she smoke? Private
does she drive Yes
Do Domo and Danny swim? Yes
Does she know cooking? Yes
Is she a yoga practitioner? Yes
Do you have a gym? Private
Is it Domo and Danny? Jogger? Yes
eating habits? Private

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Domo and Danny?

Domo and Danny are up-and-coming fashion influencers, video content creators, and YouTube users who have gained worldwide fame for presenting content in impressive and skilled video.

Are Domo and Danny Married?

There is no exact information regarding their relationship status.

How old are Domo and Danny?

There is no conclusive information about the ages of Domo and Danny at this time.

When is Domo and Danny’s birthday?

So far, Domo and Danny have not yet shared important information about their birthday.

What are Domo and Danny’s horoscopes?

We’re sorry, but we don’t have accurate information regarding their constellations at this time.

How tall are Domo and Danny?

Domo and Danny average 5′ 7″ tall.

Where did Domo and Danny come from?

Domo and Danny are from the United States.

What is the net worth of Domo and Danny?

Domo and Danny’s net worth in 2022 over 2 million dollars. They make huge bucks from their brand’s promotions and fashion influence.

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